Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Facebook censorship over Chris Dabney & Government

Cameo Garrett
Chris Dabney and his fucking shit mother are little fucked up Jewish sluts. They held me and my kids hostage, forced me to be sexually raped and abused in D.C. by White House, Dept. of Justice and Maryland and VA shits, and they murdered my kids. They deserve to be sent to Guantanamo and have CASTRO try raping THEM while they're intubated with feeding tubes, like they did to me.
Someone had this post removed from my Facebook account, and accused me of violating rules and there is no violation.
What I wrote here, happened.  It is true they did this to me.  I was not only sexually trafficked and raped by them, and forced to be abused by employees from all these departments, they murdered my kids, and I witnessed their participation in this, and they also sent me to Guantanamo and the U.S. govt invited Castro over--not a double of him...they actually invited the man who was in charge of Cuba at the time, where the prison was (if you think about it, why was Castro letting the U.S. have torture sites like that?), and I was raped while intubated with feeding tubes.

I saw them there, when this was done to me.  They stood there and watched with smirks on their faces, and they were there with other U.S. govt. persons and a few British too.
It is also true they are Jewish and also true they are sluts.  They forced me to live with Hasidic and Orthodox Jews who are part of their own family, and they slept around.


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