Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anna Chapman: CIA Agent and Clone

Anna Chapman has been described as a "Russian spy" against the U.S. and that's not exactly the entire story.  Anna Chapman is a human clone.  She's been cloned multiple times, and I personally met more than one of her clones.

The U.S. CIA actually went over to Russia, and had me tortured there and were agreeing with Russians to use Anna Chapman against me and my kids.  This was an "agreement" that had come up more than once, and they repeated themselves about it.  It was common knowledge when I was age 4, for example, and then again when I was age 7, and then later as well.

Not only was Anna Chapman getting picked up by the CIA from Russia, they were flying her to England too, to be "coached" by Mike and Carol Middleton and other members of the CIA's international "human cloning network".

Kids like me, were victims.  They created me and out of hatred, and had tortured me from the start, never paid me a salary, and never expected me to do anything but give them work for free.

I am not kidding about Anna Chapman.  Regarding clones, she was cloned multiple times, and the U.S. was meeting with her in Russia, in England, and in the U.S., and they also flew her to Canada with other U.S. CIA.  I first met one of her clones, and remember it, when I was 3 years old.

The U.S. used Anna, from Russia, as a "trap" for other U.S. citizens.  They also had HER murdering some of my kids and then wanted to blame it on her "spying agency" instead of the CIA, which Kate Middleton and others in England also were working for.  They were sending her to England, training her, and then moving her to the U.S. and I saw other clones of her, already in the U.S. when I was a kid.  I was tortured by her, programmed, and she worked with CIA to do it.  The torture against me was severe, and they were paying HER, not me.

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