Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Defining The U.S. Government As A Terrorist

The U.S. government is a defined terrorist.

They have exceeded their powers, illegally, and encroached on, and encamped on, and stolen, and chased private citizen's out of their territory and privately held properties.

They are not just forcing people off of their own land and out of their houses--they are forcing them to give "ownership" of intellectual property to the U.S. government.

They believe they "own" the creative abilities, skills, and talents, and imaginative and analytical minds of the people, and human clones especially. 

They are raping people, every day and sometimes multiple times a day, to terrorize them, they are holding people hostage, putting govt. guns at their heads and forcing them to sign documents, kidnapping children and creating covers of legality through CPS and Infant and Child Services, using bribed appointed judges to murder and make rulings in their favor, and they are forcing people out of their personal property and houses, and even using illegal "programming" and torture to do it.

They are, in every definition of terrorist, as someone who makes others fear for their lives and safety on a continual basis, for extorting them and illegally stealing from, committing treason against the people.  They are not just committing treason, by doing this to their own citizens, and committing high crimes and misdemeanors, they are inviting other foreign nationals to terrorize their own citizens and to betray the good name of the country and what the laws are, as well.

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