Monday, June 27, 2016

Freedom of Religion Infringement By U.S. Government

I am making this post regarding deliberate infringement of my freedom of religion by the U.S. government.  Not just that, but violation of my religious beliefs, including my belief of wanting to be a virgin until I am married.  Not only did the U.S. government deliberately stalk me, to rape me at my own house, with their own employees, they stole my Bibles from me, forced me to go to government-sponsored "basketball games" and athletic events, and used the occasion to rape me, gather their shits together to make 'psychic predictions' about me while they played, and to make threats to the few individuals that defended me.

When I was a preteen, the U.S. government was showing up at my house in Moses Lake, WA, with agents from Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Boston, and from the Pacific NW.  Every now and then, a group from the South would also show up but mostly it was people from these other states, and they forced me to sit down at a table with them, and they contacted every single matchmaking site I said I might use in the future as an adult, or that someone would want to use, and they created several new sites, using government agents and employees to do it.  They specifically targeted me on Christian sites as well, because I had explained, when asked, that I wanted to one day marry a Protestant Christian and that I wanted to wait until I was married to have sex.

These U.S. people didn't like the fact I said I wanted to only marry a Christian, or be a 'virgin', and they kept showing up at my house and began raping me more and torturing me and they made my life so horrific, and would say, "You're not even close to being a virgin now, and you have NO MONEY and you're NEVER leaving this country and we're going to KEEP you in here and rape you all we WANT."

This is what they said to me, and what they did to me.  After several months, of deliberately provoking me and killing people in front of me, and torturing me, they then waited to see if I would try to look up a "sugardaddy" (so-called) site, which they claimed was not specific to "marriage".

So when I did this, these government men, told the U.S. govt. and everyone else, that I wasn't someone they had to respect or keep their hands off of.  These were adults doing this too, not a kid--it wasn't an 8 yr. old, 9 yr. old, 10 or 11 yr. old, like some kids might be, when coming up with "ideas" about things, if pressured by the government about something--these were all adults, and they bragged about how "we're treating you like an adult".

The U.S. govt. bragged about "treating" me "like an adult" as an excuse and taunt to me, about how they had the right to rape me and torture me and punish me for "comments", like they would a grown woman.

They also told everyone all around them, that I was "Fair Game", which is what Valerie Plame also said about me, claiming since I didn't want to work for the CIA, or U.S. Army or military or any government shits, like they were, I was "fair game" and they said since I had mentioned my parents' baby "Gannon" (which means "fair") dying and provoked them about it (with govt. telling me to), that they had a right to torture me and kill my unborn baby in the future, and they made my parent's an excuse for other women who got mad when I wasn't that sympathetic about "miscarriages".  I was a kid, and it didn't mean anything to me--I didn't see what the big deal was.  I wasn't mean, or hateful, like they were, I was a kid.

They not only said I was "fair game" to be targeted by the U.S. government, they said since I went to sites where it was "dating" or suggestive of "arrangements based on money or benefits or agreed-upon relationships with terms spelled out from the start...sometimes including sex or inference to it", that I was not therefore a "Christian" and I didn't therefore "want to be a virgin until marriage" and so the U.S. government could rape me and they were not "guilty of violating my personal rights" or "violating" my religious beliefs.

They made this big deal about religious beliefs and targeted me.  Not only that, before deciding they needed to find an excuse for themselves to have all their fucking agents and employees continue raping me, they had tried to entrap me, and claimed I had suggested, as a kid, that Holly Telerant and their other female employees were maybe not really Christians if or since they went to sugar-daddy sites.  So the U.S. govt. was not just torturing and raping me, which they'd done since I was a baby (Um....what's the justification?  I was trying to go to a non-Christian site?), they were also attempting to entrap me as a little girl, and accuse me of wanting to subject their govt. employees, who THEY repsected and paid salaries to, and gave families, and benefits, and never stole children from--they claimed that I should be punished and raped more than they and the Holly Telerants had ever raped me in the past (even when I was age 2, by the way), and that it was justified because since I didn't respect the idea of beliefs or something when I was a kid, they "got" to rape me whenever they wanted.

They also used this entire torturing of me and forcing me to have no options, as a way to attempt to force me to sign autographs for them.  They stole all of my songs and they were begging for my autographs and when they got sick of me saying I"m tired of giving govt. people autographs, they said okay fine, we'll keep torturing you then, and you can sign our other documents like giving your parental rights away.

They bragged about how "Cameo, the 9 yr. old, isn't a real Christian and doesn't really want to be a virgin until she's married, bc she's ADMITTING she might do something before she does get married, so WE CAN RAPE HER and we're not VIOLATING her".  They were raping me at age 9, when they were deisgning their "Christian dating" sites to trap me, at age 8, 7, 6, all the way back to age 1 and I did remember they were mostly the same people involved.  People like Holly Telerant weren't being "raped" either.  What a fucking joke.

I was being raped, every day and then her fucking handlers, who raped me, were showing up trying to intimidate me one day claiming I had suggested she was easy or not ready for marriage so it was okay to have sex with her.  Don Pryzbyla, from CA, was one of her handlers and another was "Bill", and then there was a man who was her Dad.

They even, in the middle of all of this, were inviting all of these people who had raped and tortured me my entire life, to all show up at a location, and they gang-raped in back alleys before and after the basketball games, and then they were pushing me around and insulting me during the games and making sexual harassmnent comments to me the entire time I tried to play, knowing I had been raped, as a little girl, prior to having to play basketball with the U.S. government FBI shits and whores, and the other U.S. government assholes.

Chris Dabney and his brothers were just one of several groups that did this to me, and I remembered Chris because he REEKED and he smelled the same way back then that he did 30 decades later.  All of these same people, who forced me to work with them and abused me and used me while they murdered people, were plotting against me for later murdering an unborn baby of mine and they talked about it there during these games.  They not only plotted out what they were going to do, they carried out a murder in the back of a gym, against a young man who I was told was my son and looked like my son Oliver looks.  Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and Chris Stubblefield were involved in it, along with Pryzbyla and some other men, including a Bob jr.  Brian Gross was also there and involved and yelling things about Holly.

Not only that, they forced me to stay the night by "myself" in that gym.  I could hear someone else held hostage in another part of the gym or a room off of it, but I had to sleep there and I believe I was being given date-rape drugs.  They also gave me Chris Dabney's shirt, to use for a pillow and then someone said, "No, don't use that, here, use my shirt" and someone handed me their shirt and it smelled like vomit.  Several men who were plotting and planning with the U.S. govt. to rape me, handed me their shirt, telling me to sleep on it, and bragging about how they were going to get me laid since I laid on their shirt.

They were harassing one person, man, over this, specifically, and he said "don't get any of them" and it's what my Grandpa Garrett had said about "Cordova/Cordoba" scarves I'd been looking at, and who had been there before they started the violence against me?  Kate Middleton.  It wasn't just Holly Telerant, and Jill (Jennifer Lawrence) and a number of others, who I can name most of and might do that here later, it was also Kate Middleton. 

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