Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vladimir Putin: Clone and CIA Contact (with Dmitry)

Vladimir Putin was also working with the CIA.  I am not sure what the entire capacity was, but it was the CIA trafficking me to Russia, with Pentagon people, and I was tortured by him and Dmitri, and raped, before I was even 5 years old.

He was already working with the Carol Goldsmith family, and Donaldsons, and CIA.  He did MANY additional favors for them later, and I was never being credited for my work, he took CIA money, and they collectively defamed me and were training me to murder my own older clones, and my own cloned kids.

He was not just working with CIA in Russia, he worked with them at other locations, and visited the U.S. a few times and took part in murdering people in U.S. territory.

I was not a "spy" for him.  He hated my guts and was instead using me and believe me, he HATED my guts.  I was tortured and violently raped, and then Kate and Mary and some CIA people were getting paid off for it.

He worked with Chris Dabney, Amanda Bynes (who doubled for Anna), another Anna who was blond, Florence Brudenelle-Bruce, and a number of other U.S. government spies and employees, all who were kidnapping me, holding me hostage, and torturing and raping me.

They wanted to steal from me. They did not ever "love" me, have nice plans for me, or want me to succeed.

I was kidnapped to be in Germany, Ukraine, and Russia, multiple times before I was age 5, and it was all with the U.S. government.  Then after age 5, they acted slightly nicer to me, still molested me, but didn't torture as much, and wanted me to forget all of the past and what the origin was of their torture against me.

I have lost everything in my life because of the U.S. CIA conspiracy with selling me and making money off of me for free, with some other nationals.  They were not wanting me to keep my kids and raise them--Russia wouldn't have refouled me if that was true.  I was refouled deliberately, just as Israel did this to me, and others.  They were also not speaking up for me and my human rights, because if they had, I would be given credit for my work, told I could raise my kids, and my money that's been stolen would have to be returned.

Vladimir Putin and Dmitri VIOLENTLY raped me, with entire other "armies" or groups of Russians, and had me on medical tables being tortured, like they did to me in Israel, Ukraine, and Germany.

They didn't rape me when I was there for "political asylum"--they had raped me earlier than that.  They were also having private meetings with Netanyahus in the early 1980s.  Netanyahus also held me hostage, in 'dungeons' in Israel, and Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton took part in operating on me with Holly Telerant.

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