Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marla Maples: A Blackmailing, Child-Raping CIA Clone

Marla Maples is someone who came up while I was writing the last article, which I'm not done with, because I want to separate out some events of who was where at what time, for murders they committed against clones of me and my kids.

Marla Maples is a serial killer.  I knew her, as a kid, to be murdering people, not just my clones or those who looked like me, but murdering many people, in groups of "hitmen teams" with the CIA.  She was not only comfortable killing anyone, babies-kids-adults, as an adult herself, she was cutting them up as a method of getting rid of bodies.

She was a natural killer, like all of Donald Trump's wives.  Donald Trump murdered people, and he killed innocent people over money.  His wives did the same.  Ivana specialized in strangling people with ligatures, Marla shot and chopped people up & sometimes stabbed and used knives, and Melanie shot people and kicked them around.

I was kidnapped by Chris Dabney and forced to live with Marla Maples for weeks, and gang-raped, after some govt. people got mad at me.  I was writing a book that I had titled, "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" and Marla Maples started trying to copy it and said she wanted to use it.  I said, no, this is a title I have for this book.  Then she got mad because I was trying to document things that had happened to me and my son, secretly.  I had secured, somehow, a publisher, and it was the last time I ever had a publisher contacting me about a book.  My goal was to get the book out, and I hoped I hope point back to some things later, and also keep Donald Trump and Hillary and Barak Obama (the blackhills gold guy, and diamonds) and Kate Middleton and these torturers of innocent kids like me, from ever being Presidents.

I was held hostage at her house, and she left one day, temporarily, claiming Chris Dabney was housesitting.  I was raped by him for hours every day, for weeks, and then he brought in his friends to rape me too, and Marla showed up again as well.  When I say hours, I mean, 8 hours a day, he was raping me, and telling me angrily that he was going to make sure there was no possible sexual position that I was ever a "virgin" to anymore, and he made sure to let me know he was helping taking the "shine off".  He had people saying, "You're hair used to be sort of gold-like and now it's more like brass".

During this time, for short periods of time, I was also dragged into a room and then tortured, with an electrocution headbrace and torture against me, to program me, but most of it was just rape.  Some of the people who were involved, included Anna Chapman, and while Chris knew other "Annas" and "Amanda Bynes", there was also, seriously, Anna Chapman there, helping them rape me.  I was also forced to see someone being terrorized, tortured, and interrogated and made fun of about me, and then killed.

The entire time, they were supposedly raping me for daring to try to write a book suggesting any of them were less than "pure gold", or that Goldsmith's group was a terrorist organization, and worked with Donald Trump and the CIA to steal from little kids.

One of the Bob jrs. had dropped me off there, telling me I was staying with Marla for awhile and I said "I don't want to!" and I begged not to be left there.  I didn't care how nice her house was, I already knew what she was about and she'd already threatened me. I had been forced to stay with Dabney and people in the past as a little girl and I was about age 10 when they gang-raped me at Marla's house.

They knew my age, and they knew everything about me.  He also had Robin Bechtold over to rape me, and several other men. 

When Marla "introduced" me to him, first she had me meeting a younger kid, who was maybe age 8 or so, and looked just like Dabney, and then she was telling me to meet the older one, who was older than me, and he was in his 20s at the very least.   There were other men also involved who looked similar to Dabney.

I kept telling one of my parents later, "It was AC there.  It was Anna, it was cold, freezing cold".  Kardashians also showed up, to rape me, with Kanye West and others.

I was gang-raped.  When they were done gang-raping me they said they were killing my unborn son in the future and raping me more and that if I wanted to still publish my book, they would let everyone see videos of me "begging for it, begging for more sex" because they had tortured me and forced me to moan and sound "like you like it" and act and "wiggle" and move around and so on.

They did this to me at Marla Maples house before the U.S. ever later forced me to a porn studio, held me hostage at gunpoint with cops and govt., and raped me more, in front of professional videos, and then forced me to sleep in what was like a back room, with no bed, no covers, and saying, "Do you want a coat for your head?"

They used gang-raping me, and forcing me to look and sound like I "liked it" and was "begging for more", and videotaping this, as a way to torture and harass someone who cared about me and to blackmail me against publishing a book about Middleton, Goldsmith, Obamas, Trumps, Clintons, and the entire group of CIA shits that were raping me and stealing my money.

And no, that fucking BITCH is not a "Christian" woman.

They raped me, they wouldn't quit raping me, and they were saying things like, "No, you don't need make-up or anything, you have a nice shine on you now..you sort of glisten, and you look good natural" and I was having to pretend like at some point, I wasn't trying to escape and I was instead "going along with them" and I wasn't.  I wasn't going along with any of it, at all.  They kept saying, "Now hold on..how old are you now?  you're like, barely legal."  They used raping me and torturing me as a way to make fun of my aspirations to be a lawyer and then they even got a movie called "Barely Legal" out of it, with a make-up-less faced woman at the end of her "Harvard graduation" from law school, looking like she has a "glow". They were saying, "She'll never go to law school--we won't let her".

They bragged about raping me, about raping my kids, and they murdered people there and I saw them kill people and it wasn't faked.  They were also telling me they could put ME in jail because I held the gun, because after raping me for weeks and torturing and programming me, they handed me their gun, and did all of the same govt. things they'd done to me when I was a younger kid, and then they were trying to blackmail ME, with guilt, saying, "You might NOT want to publish that uh, little BOOK you've been writing."  Not only that, they had done something similar to an older clone of me, and they had murdered her.

After they tortured me and raped me, they tried to force me to commit suicide.  They made several attempts to force me and there were a number of people involved in it.  They were not trying to "protect" me.  These people had gang-raped me, passed me around for it, forced me to shoot a clone of my own son, while making fun of him, and then handed me a gun and said "You can go ahead and kill yourself now".  They locked me in a room, with a gun and waited for me to kill myself and then they tortured me and said, "We thought you might need something for the pain" and handed off a bunch of pills and then "Rachel" the Jew, who Chris Dabney dates in D.C., looked in and smirked claiming I was trying to kill myself and I wasn't, and another woman came in.  They forced me to go to a doctor and stood around, threatening me against telling anyone to examine me for rape, or that I had been raped.  One of the men was this blond man TJ who was always around and who had been stalking me with govt. permission since he got away with murdering one of my sons.  Another was Jerrod, an FBI man, and another man was this man who claimed he was Chris Dabney's "uncle" and was from Boston, MA.  Others who had shown up, including Mark, the U.S. Army semi-truck driver from Boston, MA, with Dabney's "uncle".  He had also raped me with others.  Dabney raped me non-stop and then they were saying "Doug" did, and I know for sure then Robin Bechtold was raping me and making fun of my son who was forced to watch some of it.  They were also trying to have my own son have sex with me and he was an adult.

They also had Ashton Kutcher there, at some point, with Mila Kunis, another Russian like Anna Chapman.  Several "Hollywood" people who steal from me, were involved.

When I was younger, I was forced to live with Heather Locklear and around both Tommy Lee and Ritchie Sambora and the U.S. forced me to give some of my songs that I wrote to them.  I was raped by them.  The U.S. govt. and CIA were also making a joke out of it with the U.S. Army.  I saw the U.S. pay them cash, after they had raped me, and they were then telling them to produce my songs and no penalties to them for taking credit.  They gave them rewards for raping me and advance "royalties".  I also discovered the use of Ritchie as a name and "Lee" or Tommy, was a cover for the fact the U.S. Army-CIA group "Ritchie's Boys" were raping me.  The U.S. had gone from using me as a tortured victim they held hostage while accusing others of being 'spies', to trying to make me think, as a kid, my life was about "celebrities" raping me, not uniformed soldiers, and CIA shits.

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