Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Complaint to OIG About Robin Bechtold (filed today, 1:55 p.m.)

I am filing a report against Robin Bechtold and against Robin Bechtold's older clones.  Robin Bechtold is a clone employed by the CIA and has worked with the CIA for several decades within the human cloning program run by CIA and the U.S. Army (with FBI involved).

I was held hostage and raped repeatedly by the older clone of Robin Bechtold, who was George and Janet Bechtold's son, from 1977-1986, off and on, at locations in Texas, D.C., and Oregon state.  The next clone of Robin Bechtold, my age, was present later for several incidents against me and was being instructed to rape me in the future, and to attempt to murder me.

I was held at private locations by the older clone of Robin, and his family and colleagues, as well as at federal govt. offices when these plans were made and I was tortured by electrocution, cutting of my skin with knives and razors, burns by lighters and other objects, and I was also drugged and experimented on in addition to being sexually molested by Robin, Chris Dabney, Amanda Bynes, and Holly Telerant, and others (all older clones with younger clones that were closer to my age, or born after 1982).

Robin also visited my house in Moses Lake, WA and raped me anally, multiple times, with Chris Dabney.  Both of them have almost the exact same type of penis, and Chris Dabney's father also has a penis similar to Dabney's in length, width and size.  They were blindfolding me after showing up at my house and taking turns raping me when I was younger than 9 years old, telling me I couldn't guess which one it was.  I was also raped by Prince Harry during this time, and by a man who was named Chris who was another Chris, and by an older clone of Geoff Rasmussen. Ryan Barnes (Lake Oswego, OR) was involved, as was Roger Harris, whose penis was similar in size but shorter than Robin and Chris's in length. 

I was not just raped anally, while they mocked me and said "Now we can call you Anna", I was forced to live at Robin Bechtold's apartment in Texas, and tortured and raped and if I attempted to resist being raped by them, I was threatened with more torture and had guns held to my head.  I also witnessed them holding other people hostage, gagged and bound, not just myself.

I reported all of this when I was a kid.  There were several clones who are now dead, because of the criminals that the U.S. government protected by killing off whistleblowers who cared about children, such as my son.  Several older clones of my son were murdered while trying to report child porn trafficking by govt. employees, and rape and torture, along with cocaine trafficking with Goldsmith-Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles' son Tom.  Tom Parker-Bowles and Tomas Caballero both showed up at the Texas location and participated in rapes against me, and were visited by Robin in Oregon and Washington, and Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza also showed up there.  Older clones of William of Wales, Kate Middleton, and Harry also visited in Texas when I was being tortured and paid off Robin and assaulted other hostages being held at that location. 

In addition, Mary Donaldson did not live far away, and she was positioned by George Bush and the CIA to marry Prince Frederick of Denmark, who agreed to work for the CIA with Mary.

All of these people used me, raped me, and held others hostage and threatened our lives.

I was later targeted by the younger clone of Robin Bechtold, who was closer to my age.  I was forced to go to the same high school as him, after his parents had raped me themselves--Janet was forcing both me and my Mom to do oral sex on her in the early 1980s, and George raped me repeatedly, with Nathan (his son) and his father who was connected to the CIA and the military and was a retired or active veteran at the time.  This rapes occured at the Sherwood house owned by Bechtolds. 

In 1991 I was raped by Robin Bechtold, the younger clone and an assassination attempt was made against me, by running into me as I drove home from his house.  Following this, he tried to drive me off the road again by road rage.  Next, in 1999 I was invited to a high school reunion gathering at a bar, and after I was drunk, because I believed it was safe since I had arrived with a female designated driver, she told me Robin had to drive me home and she refused to let me go with her and have her drive me to my house, as she'd originally agreed.  This person was Erica Ballinger, another individual I witnessed holding hostages, who I was held hostage by as a little girl, and who murdered people at her parent's house.  I repeatedly said no, I wanted her to drive me home and she refused until there was a scene caused, at which point I was threatened not to say anything more, with former cops who used to hold me hostage, motioning as if they were going to pull a gun or knife on me, and approaching me in a group the way they used to when I was little, to take me out and rape me.  So I was forced to have Robin drive me home and then he refused to drive me home and raped me instead.  I reported what he had done to others.

I tried to bring a formal accusation against Robin in 2001-2, along with a report of rape by Josh Gatov.  Detective Brian Gross, who has a conflict of interest bc of his participation in a murder of an older clone of my son, and his involvement in trafficking child porn and having me give him blow jobs when I was a kid, was assigned to the case.  He tipped off Gatov to leave the country and then told me the FBI told him to cancel my report against Bechtold and Gatov.  After he did this, the FBI and Portland PD, the chief of which is best friends with Robin (Jason Potter's father), promoted Gross from Sex Assault to Homocide dept. director/head.

There are additional details which I will provide but this is my complaint which I am filing today, active as of today.

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