Thursday, June 16, 2016

Human Trafficking Center 58117 N. Finley Lp, 58119 N. Finley Lp. (Coquille OR)

I have made dozens of reports, over several decades, about serious human trafficking and rape of men, women, and children, at these locations.

The police, when I was a kid, who are local, tried to fool me when I was a kid, showing up and pretending to be concerned, and they're not--they are involved.  The entire police force in this area covers for the human trafficking sites and it's local cops and State ones who transport many of the victims.

This form of human abuse is not some kind of government activity that is legal and citizens should believe has something to do with secret govt. interest. It is illegal, and it is torture that is occurring and this is one of many sites I know of, and yet nothing is ever done.

People like Jewish Community Center leaders from Portland, Oregon, and The Rabbi Rose family and Ed Israel family, Catholic faith church leaders and Abbot and some priests and monks from Mt. Angel Abbey; presidential 'candidates' that were all vying for positions to be held in the future (Obamas, Clintons, Trump, and others) showed up at this same location, and were aware of the trafficking and rape and didn't do anything about it.  They were using regular vehicles, and often, semi-trucks, every single day almost, to transport humans from being held hostage there, to another location sometimes, and then on, sometimes as far as NYC, by sem-truck.  Yes, Jews are involved and a large number of synogogues and their members, because one of the persons I was trafficked to was, seriously, Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, who worked for the govt.  They are not just "comedians" and I was kept in one of his apartments while my parents had disappeared and he threatended us and held guns to our heads too.

It is extremely serious.  I witnessed a young clone of my son Oliver, being raped right in front of me in a semi-truck and the govt. had moved my son there, to be raped in secret, in a semi, with a bunch of different men, who were doing oral sex on him and then electrocuting him with a headbrace.  I saw it, right next to me because I was tied and bound in that same truck and being tortured there.  Not only this, at one of the houses, my Dad and a clone of my son were sometimes not in a shed but inside of a house where hostage holders "held" clones in secret until the govt. wanted to move them.

These are not people who signed up to work for the govt, or did so by choice.  I witnessed my Mom and Dad both being forced to sign documents they didn't want to sign, with guns at their heads, throughout my childhood.  I saw my Dad forced to sign papers and documents, and my Mom and only a few times they had to both sign together at the same times. Usually they were being isolated and forced to sign apart from eachother, with me watching or there, and guns and death threats.  Almost all of the signatures on documents were coming from one of 3 departments:  Pentagon, CIA, and FBI.  Occasionally even police, and sometimes other groups like lawyers and Judges.

It wasn't just me and my family held hostage either--I witnessed other people being held hostage and tied and bound, and being tortured, and especially as a kid, they were murdering them in front of me.  I would estimate 80% of the people I saw being murdered were my own family members and people who loved me and maybe 20% were actual "bad guys", which was a strange way to describe anyone, because the U.S. govt. was the "bad guy" raping me and trafficking me everywhere--since when did the "bad guys" decide who the other "bad guys" were?  They weren't holding any personal standards for themselves.

Someone was in one of the trucks that took off from one of these locations, about a half hour ago, and shouting "Noo". 

As a kid, a couple of times, I was fooled into thinking they might be nice people who didn't want to hold us hostage or who weren't as bad as some.  It is true that at some point, they were not raping me as much and I was mostly being tied, bound, sometimes gagged and restrained in a shed or garage.  I thought the fact they didn't rape me every day, made them "nicer", however, I was still raped, sometimes while asleep, mostly, when I was older, and the fact is, I was spending my life tied up and I was an innocent kid.  I was also tortured.  My parents were sent to one house and repeatedly raped and I was raped in a another building too, at one of two locations.  My Mom was trafficked from one house to another and being raped, I think every day all day.  I saw them crying and begging people to let them go and they were sometimes murdering kids in front of us.  When I was really young, or a younger kid, before I was so well-known for writing hit songs, I saw them kill people in front of us, mostly kids, to terrorize us.

The Sheriff's department got worse and worse.  The main Sheriff was taking cocaine and money from William of Wales and the govt, and then after at first looking like they were investigating, they decided no one was ever going to do anything about them or any of the human trafficking, and they let down their guards and started treating my parents even worse and continued with worse acts against kids, and the other local cops in town had one of their men murder one of my babies and then hold me hostage in a cop car after they put the gun in MY hands.

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