Tuesday, May 31, 2016

State Sponsored Kidnapping by U.S.

I really cannot stand living in the U.S. anymore.  I have tried so hard to leave this country, since I was a kid, and with parents and also on my own, and we have been kidnapped multiple times to be refouled back to this country where the FBI has held us hostage.

My kids and parents, who should have been able to feel excited about how much money my songs made and how successful they were, were crushed to discover the U.S. government and FBI were going to murder, make death threats, and steal all of the profits and credit.

There is nothing in the world to repay me for what the U.S. government has done.  There is no possible way to ever forgive the FBI.  There is no possible way for me to forgive the families of the rapists who continued raping me either.

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