Saturday, May 21, 2016

British Royal Clones Who Collect Money From Slavery In U.S.

The U.S. sells slaves to British Royals, and forces them to work for them and be raped by them.   Not only did the U.S. traffick me to London, to be sold and raped, and forced to work for free, they were stealing eggs from me, and torturing me and the U.S. consented to torture of me.

The Middleton family and Goldsmiths were only a few of the families responsible, along with the British Royals, and they and the British Royals claimed that they wanted me to do PR for them, when I was a kid, so they could later "expose human cloning".

They said, "Yeah, it's important that the general public knows about human cloning" after I said, "Do you like the idea that there are this many clones of you and any of the William of Wales could be murdered at any time and there is another one to replace you if you don't do what the govt. tells you to do?"

I said, "Not to mention, don't you want to get credit for your own work, and be free enough to choose your own partners rather than having the CIA or Mossad or some British control group choosing them for you?"

So he said yes and that okay, he wanted to expose illegal human cloning and bring the situation to light.  He lied.

Instead of wanting to bring the human cloning situation out into the open, he liked living as a closeted clone-man.

He engaged my attempt to appeal to him through persuasion, for purposes of pretending he agreed with my views and wanted to "help" and therefore, he wasn't really the "bad man who raped and tortured me and murdered my kids" while using his cloned status to get away with it.

If they wanted to reveal human cloning to the general public, they could do it.  They don't need to lie to me, a little girl, to tell me I could do it, and to support them with my money in the meantime.  If they wanted to do it, they would.  I do it.  I expose human cloning and write about it and have been writing about it and reporting it, every decade of my life, and not ONE of them has matched me.

William of Wales is a GOD DAMNED shit.

If he had wanted to "support" me, he wouldn't have stolen money from me, and held me hostage or murdered children of mine. 

He also had me in his bedroom and at the same time he was saying he was against human cloning, he had Kate Middleton leading 2 cloned girls who were presumably my own daughters, to another room to be electrocuted with the electrocution headbrace like he and Kate used to do to me, together.  He is a pedophile.

Any number of these supposedly "good Jews" who are "British Royals", could have, and still could speak up about human cloning at any time, and they choose not to.  They would rather fuck Chelsea Davies secretly while murdering people on safari in South Africa and having little girls gang-raped and sodomized so they can be the "secretly rich clones".

They like being clones.  They benefit from it because they are part of the human cloning plutocracy that makes slaves of other clones they control and breed to work for them, and use.  They are nothing but disgusting shits who work for the CIA.

What William of Wales doesn't want to be reported for, is sticking his penis into little toddlers mouths and forcing them to suck on it, and torturing them. 

This older clone of William told me one day that oh yeah, he wanted to expose and bring out the truth about cloning and then I said, "Okay then, I need a photo of you to compare with other photos to prove you are a different clone than the other ones" and he begrudged doing this, but said, "So you'll agree to have the U.S. give me some of your money if I do, right?"

He was already stealing from me. 

If they want to expose human cloning and illegal human slavery and crimes worse than ANY Nazi ever committed, they have to prove it.  They choose not to.

They don't want to be "poor" like me.

How sad.

It is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

You want a REAL dare William?  PROVE IT.  PROVE you want to reveal and expose human cloning to the world.

Can you do it?  Or are you a moral coward.

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