Thursday, May 19, 2016

Conspiracy By U.S. Government To Commit Treason Internationally

The U.S. government's highest leaders are guilty of committing treason against the Nation and the people.  I am going to explain to you, the level of selling U.S. kids around the world for other countries to use and rape, and what this "Human Cloning" group looks like internationally and where these clones are, that are international.  I witnessed the U.S. force kids to almost every country in the world, but a few in particular, to have their own kids raped, tortured, and then paid these other countries money to thank them for raping and torturing their citizens.  I also was trafficked to every single state in the U.S., and forced to talk to each Governor and legal group about how to conceal human cloning from the public.  The U.S. has been violating all of their own laws, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and every "code of honor" that every group is asked to swear by, to profit people in other countries, by selling their own people.  There is a specific group in the U.S. that takes their own share of the money and distributes it to each other, and they've become rich and were formerly nothing but psychics who worked for the CIA and U.S. Army.  They get head-hunted by the U.S. government and if they're friends with people in power, the U.S. gives people like Beyonc√© songs that other kids wrote, just because they want her to make billions of dollars and be rich. 

Not one single country has admitted human cloning has been around for decades and it's because they are all dependent upon the U.S. for aid and have received bribe money and free child labor from the U.S.

So what is "treason"? 

1.  The U.S. is selling their own kids to other countries to be tortured, raped, and to give other countries free child labor.

2.  The U.S. pays other members in other countries to murder people who try to expose them.

3.  The U.S. keeps a secret human cloning group for purposes of holding slaves, not for national interest, in direct conflict with the law.

4.  The U.S. is a communist plutocracy.  Communists believe in living in "communes" and stealing from individuals and kidnapping them and their rights, to distribute their money to others in the approved communes and in the U.S., these communes are decided by an elite plutocracy of people.  The U.S. is 100% Communist.  It is not a democracy and does not meet any definition of democracy or capitalism.  Countries that like "communes" include Israel.  Israel sells kids for child sex just to support human cloning communes they benefit from, despite the fact they claim to be against slavery and deprivation of human rights.  Israel is comfortable with communes and "kibbutzes" and has not taken any stand against human cloning and does not want the public to know about it even though it harms the entire world.  Communism is against U.S. law and the U.S. government practices communism anyway, but with an elitist plutocracy.  Donald Trump, for example, steals money from kids, builds an empire and then promotes more secret human cloning in communes to create more slaves for himself.  Same with Clintons.  It doesn't matter if they're Republican or Democrat, they are all profiting from, and supported by, the same illegal human cloning program that the plutocracy is using to make themselves rich internationally.

5.  The U.S. sells their own top secret information to other countries, for money for an elite group and to murder people they don't 'like'.  The U.S., for example, uses clones like Anna Chapman from Russia and pays her and has her send secret information to Russia and then tries to claim she's guilty of spying after decades of using her to murder their own citizens and sell secrets to give money to elitists.  The U.S. endangers and puts the lives of their citizens at-risk, selling information to other countries out of hate crimes and greed motives as well, to force asylum-seekers back to the U.S. in exchange for giving classified information to other countries, including entrapment schemes.

6.  The U.S. forces little kids to work for their government agencies, forces little kids to kill for them by torturing and programming them, and then exposes them to other countries to be raped, tortured, and held hostage.  They sell their own classified national interest info, to murder the same U.S. citizens they employed at their agencies and forced to work for them.

7.  The U.S. sells and gives away human embryos of U.S. citizens to other countries without the U.S. citizens' consent.

8.  The U.S. promotes and funds terrorist groups which do not help the U.S. citizens and instead only benefit an elite communist plutocracy, such as the IRA, which the Presidents of the United States and FBI were funding from 1976-1981, which is a time period I can confirm I witnessed personally that this was the case.  I witnessed Jimmy Carter, specifically, engaged directly in communications for supporting the IRA on a regular basis, by telephone and in person, flying in on U.S. helicopters to give the British royals who worked for the IRA more money.  I was held hostage and raped in Northern Ireland and James Comey and Jimmy Carter and James Cartright were all involved with funding this group.  The FBI specifically funded IRA and made sure the IRA was not on their list of "terrorist groups" because their agency sent money to them. The U.S. also funds ISIS and created ISIS and lies to the public, telling everyone it's a terrorist group when the CIA and FBI pay for it to exist and provide training.

9.  The U.S. murders kids and adults in the U.S. who refuse to bow or kneel to Kate Middleton and Wales and their kids.  The entire British Royalty scheme and English interference that the U.S. had people fight in wars over, for freedom, is supported and funded by the U.S. government and has increased in power to privileged.  The U.S. has been promoting British Royals as the leaders and rulers of the United States of America and uses human cloning to do it, and has forced U.S. citizens to give money to Kate Middleton, Goldsmiths, and William and Harry of Wales and others. 

Treason:  The betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

I witnessed the U.S. handing guns over to other nationals to murder U.S. citizens, and also forcing kids to murder their own family members with other nationals present to witness, as a form of treason and "reward" to people like British Royals who are not 'friends'--they are enemies of the United States.

I also experienced severe torture and rape by U.S. government persons acting out of "allegiance" to Kate Middleton and not to the U.S. laws, for example, raping me with games like "pole in the hole" and slamming my vagina and rectum down over a torture device of an iron spike, to penetrate me after I was blistered internally with a huge pus-filled boil after the U.S. burned me inside with a fire-red iron pole, and saying out loud, in allegiance to GAL (George Alexander Louis) and Middletons, when they forced me over the spike for rape, in front of all of these U.S. government traitors, they said, "Look!  Crown gall".  They tortured me and raped me for having the "gall" to claim I could be "Queen of England" and out of prior torture acts involving GAL, and Chris Dabney was behind it.  This was done to me on more than one occasion, and before Pentagon, CIA, and FBI members who swear allegiance to Kate Middleton and torture and murder people who refuse to pay them loyalty.

The U.S. raped all of my kids over this, and raped me and implanted me with clones that the Middletons, Waleses, and Bujanda and Jews wanted me to have, when I specifically said I was against human cloning and did not want to carry clones and I had a right to choose my own kids and partners for reproduction.  They also trafficked my son to the Vatican to be raped and forced to bow and kneel to Middleton and Bowles, and had my son being moved around by his enemies, not by friends.

10.  The U.S. forced me, as a kid, to work for free for other countries to murder U.S. citizens that had committed no crimes.  Then the U.S. wanted to blame me for that, when they are to blame for treason.

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