Thursday, May 19, 2016

U.S. Plot To Murder Russians For Communist Plutocracy

After I was raped and cloned members of my family were murdered in Saudi Arabia, following an attempt to get political asylum there after being held hostage in Iraq, the U.S. and Middletons and many persons stealing from me and my kids in the U.S. government, wanted to inspire hate crimes against me by forcing me to participate in a nuclear site destruction, as an 8 year old.

After trying to murder me this way, as well, in the process, instead they blamed me and accused me of crimes, forced me to seek political asylum in Russia later, and then went to Russia and handed them classified information about me to have me assaulted, gang-raped, and refouled back to the United States.

The Middletons were specifically involved in this entire organized crime against me, along with members of Mossad, and CIA.  Middletons didn't like the fact I was becoming more popular than their daughter Kate Middleton or any Waleses.  When I was forced back to the U.S. I was crying and sobbing and saying "Since the Muslims and Middle Eastern people did this to us, who are my friends then?  Who doesn't like THEM?" and I was told by a govt. man, "Russians" and I said, "Well then maybe Russians and Ukrainians are my friends and I can let all of them know what horrible things MIDDLETONS did to us."  So then they conspired to have an entire group of Russians and Ukrainians positioned to hate us too, just so I would have NO friends and the U.S. shits could keep murdering us and stealing us and forcing us to work in slave labor.  They wanted everyone to think the Middletons were the nicest people.

Another man involved was Raul Bujanda, who led Mexican Mafia for the Middletons and still does, to this day, and who is not a friend of my family or my kids.  They had me repeatedly raped by persons they wanted me to be forced to have cloned kids by, to control me.

I am going to describe the entire strategy used by Mike Middleton and his family and the Pentagon and CIA, and George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr., for ruining my life, and making it even worse for me and my kids.

To further degrade me, after this event, James Cartright, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Mike Middleton, and Gary Goldsmith took me around to multiple countries and made fun of me, forcing me to "marry" foreigners as a child-bride and giving them U.S. green cards after they molested or raped me.

They tortured me with this when I was saying I could remember Chernobyl by thinking "Sure, noble" or "Sure Ben (Netanyahu),..I'll..", and "Cherry Ben Hall", and they were then forcing me to agree to marry strangers who raped me after the U.S. let Mike Middleton and Mike Tancer and others program me to not fight or resist being raped, as a little  girl, and they did this to me so much, their intent was to have it work when I was older too.

There were 2 separate nuclear site attacks, meant and intended to harm me as a little kid and to murder off entire groups of people who liked me and supported me more than Kate Middleton and who did not like her family's robbery of my money or their practice of child labor.

Middletons, Waleses,  Goldsmith, Dabney, Alvaro Pardo and his Colombian "girlfriend" Jenny, and the CIA, Pentagon, Mormons, and Bujanda are behind the nuclear explosions for murdering people in Ukrainian republic of the Soviet Union. A huge number of IRA members were as well, because they worked for Dabney and Middleton in N. Ireland and CIA and stole from me and wanted to kill off any of my supporters to keep their own monopoly on my money. Celebrities who worked for the CIA were also involved in either of two incidents:  Jay Z, Kanye West, Kardashians, BeyoncĂ©, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart, Cressida Bonas, Florence Burdenelle-Burt and her husband, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Del Balzos, "Papa" (an Italian Pope), Australians, Ben & Sarah Netanyahu and Mossad, Daniel (Gary Goldsmith's friend), Bechtolds, Ed and Mary Howard, Leon Panetta, Richard Rourke, Desiree McCoulough, Geoff Rasmussen, Doug and Jack Foley, Jeff Welch, Jeff Sellen, Gatovs, Roses, Carley Massey-Birch, Kathy Kirscher, Dick Whittemore and the Bullivant firm, Peter Mersereau, Mike Nichols, Patrick Sullivan, Sean O'Neil and Schneiders, Sean Penn and Madonna, Alicia Nakata, M.C. McSheehey, Margaret Cho, Ellen DeGeneres, Jackson, Ansgar Santogrossi, Thebaults, Joseph McCann, Dan Gatti and Greg Smith, Nikki, Erica-Christy and Loni Ballinger, Anna (Russian blond from D.C. that has been friends with Chris Dabney), Amanda Bynes, Amanda and her boyfriend from D.C. (Post Pub employee and lawyer), Kevin Prosch, and more.  These are only a few of the names of people who I personally witnessed were there, in person, on-site and/or directly involved with these events by sending information for it or having discussions at houses and offices. 

In the second event, they had a book author out on site, because he said he was going to write a book about it, "Red Dawn Rising" for Stephanie Dawn Michelle Maiers.  She had more than one middle name, Stephanie did, and one was Dawn and the other was Michelle.

The Maiers were already working with Russians, for example, Litenvenko and Yurichenko, Chris Dabney and Dabneys and Anna (blond Russian from D.C.), Yulia Tymoschenko, and Anna Chapman, and Ivana Trump or Melanie even more than Ivana.  The Maiers were trying to destroy my life and my kid's lives and worked with Middletons and the CIA to do it, and even Mexican Mafia like Bujanda and Pardo.  All of this was out of greed to steal money from us, and Mormons were involved because they got mad that they weren't getting as much of my money as they wanted.  They heard Mossad and the Vatican had us visit them and were getting money and they started saying the Mormon Church should get money from child labor off of me and my kids too.  They started saying this when I was only 7 years old and were bragging about Katie being born again for public, 1982, because the Mormons were invested in Kate Middleton.

They also murdered one of my sons, a clone of Oliver, Maiers did.  They lured him to their house, beat him up, and killed him.  The Sellens were also specifically selling me to British royals and negotiating prices for "how much".  They also had a huge collection of the child porn that was made of me, and they both masturbated themselves to it and held others hostage.  They used to joke to each other and men who they invited over to rape me that "this is her" and they meant, I was the younger clone of my older clone who they hated and lusted after.  They gang-raped me at Sellens.  They had Joy involved, holding a gun to my head and forcing me to give them blow jobs, when I was slightly older and tried to refuse and they forced me to bow and kneel in front of Kate Middleton.  They also forced me to bow and kneel to my cousin Rani Guzman.  The Sellens had a huge stash of this child porn of me and Chris Dabney and the Dabneys were always over to pick up some of it, along with Australians, Frederick, and other men.  They supplied child porn of me to federal judges, regular judges (Gillespie), lawyers, Ivy League students, and international people and they also lined up people to call me mentally ill for when I was trying to report them.

Donald Trump was friends with them.  He and one of the Bob jrs. used to play golf and I would go with them, until he decided since the Maiers were successful at holdling me hostage and murdering my kid and stealing my money from me, he would be friends with them and he started only using my family and me.  They killed my son just because they thought he had made a COMMENT about how Stephanie should be raped, not me, because they were the criminals.  He never touched anyone, and just for saying something, and nothing more than that, they murdered him.  Melanie was also, when I was younger, giving me a small allowance here and there from my songwriting, hardly anything but a small amount and then she just decided they'd steal all of it.

One of my sons was murdered at the Maiers house with my Mom shooting the gun after it was handed to her by someone else, and one of my older clones was murdered at my grandparent Baird's house in Cashmere, WA by Stephanie Maiers (the older clone of her).  An entire series of murders against clones that were related to me occurred around this time.  The FBI was involved and they never prosecuted Stephanie for murder even though I reported it, and they had people there trying to get me to hold a gun and pull the trigger as well.  They also had Kate Middleton there and were bragging about how they'd gun down anyone in her way and "watch" what the U.S. govt. would do for HER.  Don Pryzbyla loved Stephanie, and was another man with a Russian background that supported her.

Maryann McIntosh was also involved, and Megan Jacquot, and Stacey Lowe, and Maryann later tried using her kid and son-in-law to attempt a murder against me in the woods (Kevin-Doug Jones) and then again by making me get into a semi-truck with Gary Ridgeway when they already knew what he did for a living and that he was a serial killer.  Dabneys, William of Wales, Bill Gates, Mary Howard (or someone who looked like her), Carol Goldsmith, Louis Freeh, Pink, Jeff Sellen, Jeff Welch, Jay-Z, Coby Bryant, Jeff (OR plates RXX 140), Kate Middleton, and a man with OR plates 388 FVR--they were all involved in these murders of my older clone and kid.  It was also a fact that Kate Middleton DID commit murder against my family herself and I witnessed it.  What was bizarre is that she was supported by the CIA to do it.
I will describe the nuclear plant plots and what happened in Saudi Arabia with Middletons, a little later today.

There were 2 hits put on my kids at Maiers, 2 out in cornfields by my house, 2-3 in Cashmere, WA up by the ditch in the orchards, and one of them involved FBI employee James (Whitey) Bulger, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Joe Biden, Frederick of Denmark, Chris Dabney, Stephanie's Maiers and her Uncle, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, my Dad, Kristen Stewart, Nikki, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, John Gotti, Victoria Gotti, Ashley, Chris Stubblefield, Middletons, Mike Tancer, Brett Meador, James and Angela, Dan Bourbon, William (Bill) Wales, Jennifer Hudson, Carley Massey, and Joe Bonnano and all of them, with a few others, beat up my son and then murdered him and girls that were my kids.  Shirley Sandberg was also there--an entire group of people I would never expect to act so malicious and violent attacked my son.  It made it obvious my son did not have any friends in the govt. circle he was forced to be in.  The U.S. govt. was breeding him to force him to work for them for free, and then murdering him and they hated any and every close relative of mine particularly because of greed over my money and song rights.  They had one group that ran in and raped and murdered some right away and then for an entire week, the U.S. govt. kept sending over more people to cover for what they'd done and to brag about murdering my family.  They raped my kids so badly the ones that were alive still, were in shock and not responding and had been torn up and were going to die, and they threatened my older son first, before they arrived, and then murdered people too and I didn't realize it.  They threatened him with initials of B.J. repeatedly and H.T. for "hit" and then they came out and raped people and murdered them.  The FBI didn't even care and they were part of it.  I witnessed with my own eyes, what they did and then some of it I didn't see because they were pushing me out so I couldn't see and then I saw people afterwards.  It was an unprovoked violent attack of rape and murder.  The U.S. murdered every single person except me and then bragged, "We're not killing you and you're the only exception because you have to WORK for us".  They wanted more songs to steal and make billions and fuel their greed, and they were planning to rape me still and impregnate me with clones.  They treated all of my kids and other clones like they were afraid of them, and had to murder them before more than one person was willing to be a witness for me. 

Chris Dabney was also working with Robin Bechtold to force kids and other people to shoot and kill people for him.  He was part of govt. programming to force people, U.S. citizens included, to murder their own family on a cue or trigger, and abusing and torturing kids to do it.  He was doing this, and working in explosives with Kate Middleton for the IRA earlier than that even, or at the same time.  His relatives were murdering my family members.

Ellen DeGeneres was also extremely violent and not what you'd expect.  She stalked me and tortured me and my son numerous times and as a kid I had wondered why she hated me so much and then as an adult I heard her say once, on t.v., that she was "related" to Kate Middleton.

I am still working on this post and will add info but just uploaded hate crimes by Megan Jacquot and her Mafia cop husband because she is still trying to fuck with me and my family

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