Monday, May 9, 2016

FBI Obstruction of Communications

I just had a retaliatory measure taken against me, in obstruction of justice and obstruction of my communications by having my Facebook account disabled.  This occurred after I contacted an organization that stole money from me which is run by the FBI in D.C., and it is called the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

The last time my kids were kidnapped from me, I wrote about the govt. on Facebook and it was not disabled until I contacted this same group, which is run by the FBI.

This is the second time my communications have been blocked with an entire site shut down, because of the U.S. FBI, with regard to this specific organization.

I copied a notice of my blocked account, and the time it was done, and Bill Gates, another employee of the U.S. government, did the same thing to my email account when I had an account that was active over 5 years, and used specifically for all of my legal work against the U.S. and getting my kids back from being kidnapped. 

Facebook's CEO and Microsoft's both stole money from me to use to start their organization.  I was forced by the FBI to give them huge amounts of my money and also forced to "work with" them in developing their sites.

Another site who I was forced to give money to, is this "National Human Trafficking Resource Center" and they not only made me go to D.C., and discuss this with FBI, they came to my house after I was forced to be at the FBI offices as a 10 year old, and said they wanted to make sure they still got funding.  They were telling me they needed an organization that sounded like a real "help" center, which was actually fake and just to screen all the people trying to make claims against the U.S. government.  So basically, it's an organization for discovery for their lawyers, and calling people mentally ill or liars.

They tried to make it sound like I was "voluntarily" giving them my money when I wasn't, by claiming I could "help" design the name and some features, to make it seem it was my idea or I supported it when I don't.  They said I could name it and make up the phone number for it, controlled by F.C.C.  I said make it easy to remember--and I wanted to find a way to remember who was in charge of this and at my house and involved and it was FBI Agent Louis Freeh, so I didn't tell them this, and found an excuse to have "Be Free" listed as the name for remembering the phone number, all 3s and 7s for "Free".

The Department of Justice and FBI were directly responsible for forcing me to give money to Mark Zuckerberg, and to Bill Gates, and to this fucker Bradly Miles, who is a real shit.

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