Monday, May 30, 2016

People Who Want To Expose Human Cloning Since WWII

I am looking for people who want to expose human cloning as in existence since at least WWII and  a little earlier.

Many of the clones who tried to talk about it were murdered by the U.S. government.

The U.S. government has created slavery and promotes slavery, using clones.  They hold these people hostage in every sense of the word, commit crimes against them and promise each other to never get caught.

A number of people told me, when I was a kid, they wanted human cloning to be known about but they lied.  William of Wales, Kate Middleton and her family (for example), and Harry of Wales want it to stay the same because they profit from it.

Most people do not profit from it in that way, and hundreds of thousands and more people have died as hostages in Colombia, the U.S., Canada, and England.

In other countries, the U.S. commits crimes against humanity by supporting other cruel situations against human clones and never disclosing it to the public.

Bushes trade policy with China is not any different from England's, and yet China was known to be holding millions of clones as hostages

Even people like Jewish "survivors" refuse to talk about it.  Israel has never disclosed or admitted human cloning is in existence and promotes creating humans for purposes of concentration camp lives their entire life.

The hypocrisy of Israel, regarding human rights, is extreme.

The U.S. has treated my family, including my parents, as slaves and hostages, raping them daily--every single day, and psychologically harassing and making fun of them and my family, and putting them in handcuffs to transport them around even though they've never had a trial and only to make them feel like slaves and when the persons transporting them have murdered their kids and grandkids and parents to their faces.

The U.S. forced my parents to murder people for them and I witnessed what they did.  The U.S. was also allowing all of these people to rape us, every single day, and yet the few times I saw a parent attempt to beat someone up or attack a woman who had viciously raped me and my kids, and tortured us until we couldn't think anymore and murdered kids who were innocent in front of us--I witnessed my parents or those persons being grabbed, stripped, forced out of money and housing, and gang-raped by corrupt cops and I don't know any non-corrupt cops.

Every cop I ever met knows about human cloning and several in Coquille have raped me since I was a kid and raped my parents.  They were also taking cocaine as rewards from Middletons and the U.S. government.  James Middleton, Gary Goldsmith, and Mike Tancer and the Sterling-Tancer family were giving them cocaine and I witnessed regular deliveries to cops throughout Coquille.  I witnessed cops beating up my Dad, using their authority to suggest we accept it because they could kill us as authorities, and putting him in jails to rape him.  They raped my kids in front of my Dad repeatedly, to the point my kids couldn't move and were sometimes so damaged they just shot them.

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