Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mind Control And Programming (What It Is)

Torture against me was done with an excuse of national interest and confidentiality, but my actual situation was that I was literally a hostage of the United States government.

I was forced from the start, to be "property of the U.S. government" and they had me in a secretive human cloning program that involved many thousands of people by then.  However, the abuse of me was not the same thing that other "clones" or persons forced to be in this, had to go through. 

I did witness a lot of torture against others, but the level of torture against me, and the excuses for it, were lies.  My entire life was a lie.


  1. You are a clone? Or did they had you cloning other people?

  2. I am a clone. I met my older clone more than once and I believe more than one were cloned at the same time, and she is dead. I saw too many murders of clones that were clones of myself. A few tried to pretend they were me and they were not. Some were telling me they were, to steal money from me through the government and claim I was stupid.

    They did have me cloning others. I was forced to participate in "embryo cloning" as a little girl and I was told to help them implant women with cloned embryos and lied to and brainwashed about how important their human cloning program is.

    They have committed treason against the U.S. The entire cloning program is a slave system and it's secretive, which is the worst form of slavery and it is totally against every single thing the U.S. is supposed to be about, and violates every bill of rights, state and federal. All of the money is going to an elite plutocracy that is international and making money off of this, secretly, stealing it from others and blocking free enterprise, and forcing clones to work for them.

    The U.S.'s attitude and official position is that if they get their hands on eggs and sperm, by consent or by rape, they own that material and they clone humans and sell them and believe they own them, and own all of the profits of any of their work, and they are forcing them to marry only who they want them to marry and breed with only people they choose.

    They are committing every crime that is possible to commit by using clones, and forcing kids to commit crimes, using them and then murdering them off and creating more of them.

    Specific people are getting rich off of it. They are claiming credit from the work of other clones who are imprisoned and enslaves secretly, blocking them from having lawsuits or claims, and stealing all of the money derived from their work.

    The FBI is a fucking loser organization. They purport to be the domestic agency that would be in charge of exposing a system like this and protecting rights and they are part of it. They have become rich, get more shits working for them, and steal even more money from more clones they rape women and men to impregnate.

    The FBI, CIA, and Pentagon, as well as local and state cops and State Governors are involved and every Governor in each state already knows about human cloning and I had to visit each of them and tell them what kind of covers to make for human cloning, which is kept as a "secret" from the public.

    Some of the clones are extremely rich themselves, and benefit from this plutocracy and promote themselves.

    I was forced to help with cloning and witnessed the entire program