Saturday, February 6, 2016

Looking For Mary Howard and Lee Howard (Edward Lee Howard's Relatives)

I am looking for Mary Howard and Lee Howard and would like to have them contact me directly, or have someone give me their contact information or let me know of their whereabouts.

I want to talk to Mary and ask her how long the U.S. government had me living with her and Edward when I was little, why, and what my level of fluency in the German language was then.  I also want to know who she believes I am biologically related to and why I've been targeted by the U.S. government.

I want to know why the U.S. had people talking about me, when I was 3 years old, agreeing and plotting that I would never be allowed to raise my own children, and why the government wanted to control my kids.  I also want to know what she knows of the extent of their cloning of my kids, which ones were permanently 'destroyed' and why, and what date.  I also want to know what her relationship was to my older clones.

I know she tortured me with the electrocution headbrace, often, but I want to know if she felt she was forced to do this for the government, and why, and who she believed was my worst enemy. 

I also want to know what she knows about the whereabouts and outcomes for my cloned kids and why my older clone was raped.

I also know she and Chris Dabney's "mother" knew each other and the U.S. used them with one covering for the other or to look worse than the other one.

Edward Lee Howard also told me the woman who threatened me with death and stuck her finger or something up my rear-end when I was a little girl, and had a gun pushed into my side as she threatened me, was "Rachel" and I wasn't sure if it had been Rachel, the same one who is Jewish and who Chris Dabney had as a girlfriend in D.C., or if it was Katie Middleton, but looking back, it was true what Ed Howard said--it was the Jewish woman Rachel.

"Rachel", the Jewish one, was also cloned and there was an older clone of her that attacked me on a bed.  Katie Middleton also attacked me and made the same death threat, but so did Rachel.  Not Rachel Chandler, or whatever, but the same "Rachel" that I later saw in D.C., in 2008.

The threat was to murder me over "Chris".  She said if I didn't 'stay away from' Chris, and she was furiously angry, and full of rage and jealous hatred, she would murder me and my kids.

At the time these threats were made against me, it was CIA who Ed Howard was signed up and working for and who I was around.

He was hired, formally, on paper, in 1981 and I was 7 years old.  This was the same year I was tortured beyond belief, by people like the Jewish "Rachel" who worked for the CIA and was a big shit, not a little one.

I was assaulted and threated with death by Rachel, the Jewish one, who was a CIA employee, over Chris Dabney, and I was also plotted against by Mossad in collusion with the CIA, and tortured.  The next cloned "Rachel" was born ? --I am not sure what year she was born but she was younger.

I was also being tortured over the newer or "latest" Katie Middleton they wanted to put in the public eye, who was conceived as a cloned embryo implant, in 1981 and born in 1982.

Also, even though Edward Howard talked about "Rachel" with some form of disgust, like he didn't like her, I was assaulted one time with her family present and involved in assaulting me sexually, and money was being made off of it.

After Rachel, the Jewish one, assaulted me and threatened me with death, later her parents were at a house where Ed Howard and my parents were there, and they were making a "deal" and her parents stood by to watch me being raped over it.  One of them, one of Rachel's Jewish parents, had something to do with Russia.  Rachel's parents were talking about using Russia against me. 

So I was maybe age 7 when Rachel, the Jewish woman, jumped me and threatened me and my kids with murders and death, and Kate Middleton was involved but yes, it was Rachel, an older clone of her, and then about 1 year later, or less, around 1982, I was being raped and her parents were blackmailing themselves into agreeing to harm me, by standing by as I was raped in front of them and others assured them, "Don't worry, we'll take care of it" and they talked about using Russia against me.

I was then, after this, forced to go to Russia for the CIA's 'grand espionage accusation plot".  They wanted to "get rid of" me by having me appear to be a "spy" and an excuse made to eliminate me from someone's competition.

Then, it was true, after I was there in Russia, who showed up later?  Rachel.

I was then being tortured and accused of being a "Russian spy".

Also, I was starved and not getting enough food to eat, and then all of a sudden, I was forced to live with Rachel and her family and they were force-feeding me.  I got fat, when I was never fat, and forced to keep eating when I was full and didn't want to eat anymore and she was "programming" me to binge-eat and eat under stress.  I was tortured by Rachel in her little "kitchen" and then later, the CIA had the younger Rachel as some kind of manager for a restaurant in D.C., making menu plans, when she was actually a child-torturer who wanted me to get fat and ugly.

I was being tortured in her kitchen, with the electrocution headbrace, and she was trying to psychoanalyze me, at one time, about what food I liked and what I liked to cook or make and she deliberately attempted to force me to like foods I didn't care for and tried to change my personality type.

It wasn't just food.  She started attempting to change my entire personality, with torture.

She also asked me tons of questions and made me answer and then I was forced to give other answers instead and repeatedly told to rehearse this.  She questioned me about everything I liked to do and wanted to do and wanted to have all of my answers "adjusted" to other responses and programmed me to say and act like some other person that I wasn't.

It was during this time, I got extremely fat, and forced to eat while distressed.  I was fat for my regular weight, and I was getting fat because she kept giving me "oil", I thought.  Well it was Haldol liquid and other drugs to ruin my brain so she could be a genius, not me.  She then lied to me, using "oil" as a cover, and saying "You must have gained weight from all of that OIL".  I was being force-fed and spoon-fed tablespoons of Haldol and I tried to refuse and they would torture me if I didn't do it without complaining.  A bunch of her Jewish friends came over once to watch and watched and approved the programming of me and torture.  One time, Chris Dabney also showed up there and I think it was him.

I was being "fed" Haldol liquid and things that ruined my brain and slowed my thinking, every single day, more than once a day, by Rachel.  I was also given the same drugs by Middletons and Goldsmiths, in their kitchen, and in only a few other locations.  It was NOT liquid vitamins or children's Nyquil or whatever.  I remember what it was, and how I knew it was bad because of the effects it had on me.  I was getting dumber, and dumber, and dumber, and I couldn't read Rachel's fucking mind as at all.

I had seizures there too, from the Haldol they gave me. I was having seizures and contortions from it, from their drugging me, and then they were medicating me with tranquilizers to treat the seizures and sometimes, she would threaten me during a seizure.  They would look down at me, on the ground, in a seizure, and smirked at me.  The little girl was going 'bye-bye' now...good riddance, they thought.

I said one time, "You people want to kill me and my kids and you hate me because you are JEALOUS you're not as SMART as me".

They would stare and say "Should we give her some Benydryl?"  Rachel, the Jew, and her fucking friends, were torturing me with Haldol to create seizures, and then treating that with Benadryl.

I was often, on the ground, cramped up, age 7, age 8, staring up at these U.S. government people torturing me to be "stupid" and not be psychic, who wanted to murder me and my children and never allow me to ever raise my own kids.

I also had to compete with RACHEL over computers and video game design.  Yeah.  For real.  I was asked to do some software development and being looked at for this kind of skill and she didn't want the competition and neither did the other Jews.  They didn't want me to have any kind of marketable skill and told me, "You can sell your body for money, that can be YOUR job."

I had been in a computer video-game design program, until they tortured me and poisoned me repeatedly. 

What was the younger clone of Rachel majoring in, in D.C.?  In 2008?  Video games.  And then she came to my workplace and discussed menus loudly with Dabney, while staring at me as I ate a salad while 3 months pregnant.

They thought it was funny I was "pregnant" after they'd tortured me at Rachel's house until I was "fat" by being force-fed by her, and drugged with "oil", which was Haldol, repeatedly.

They also attempted to conceal the name of "Ben" and their use of Benydryl while drugging me to treat seizures and severe reactions I had from their political hate crimes against me of using Haldol to damage my abilities.  Then they were saying I wasn't so smart after-all and I wasn't good enough for the video game software program--but I was pretty, so I could be a whore and prostitute for U.S. government employees for 'work' and never have a real job to support myself or my family.

In my second grade photo for school, I am unhappy and pudgy, and visibly pudgy compared to first grade photos, because of Rachel and her shits.  I'm wearing a blue velveteen shirt with a big crimson flower in the center, and in 2008, in D.C., while they plotted against me and promoted Rachel and Jews and Kate Middleton (who is "jewish enough for the CIA", by the way), they were mocking me and calling me "Rose" and saying the big ship Titanic was 'going down'.  So why was I fat in my second grade photo?  Rachel and the Jews, and CIA from 1981-1982 and their drugging of me with Haldol and attempt to cover it with saying I got fat from "all that oil".

Then all of these people, Middletons included, thought it was funny to have me overdosed with Haldol again, in Middleton, TN, when a bunch of Jewish doctors, the DEA, and FBI conspired to have me forced to a mental ward by Vanderbilt University and I was not having any mental problems--I was talking about Dabney and Rachel and Middleton being a drug dealer, ahead of their "grand wedding plans".  I was drugged and overdosed with Haldol there, in 2011, a few months before the wedding, just as they drugged me with Haldol when I was younger prior to other marriages and planned weddings, and I was then sent to a room full of "medical students", one who was a housemate, or had been a housemate of Chris Dabney's in D.C. in 2008, who I had lived with, and they all watched as the doctors made them see me overdosed and unable to talk and contorted, and then they said, "Give her some Bendydryl" and they treated me with Benedryl, just like "old times", for the fucked up CIA and U.S. government.

It was the exact same "medical student", who watched me being drugged with Haldol and dumbed down when I was a kid, when I was younger.  The exact same man who was connected to Rachel and to Dabney.  He is shorter, and looks slightly like Toby McGuire. 

(Toby McGuire, in movie "Seabiscuit")

I immediately applied for my passport after this, and the U.S. Department of State, which has Dabneys on their payroll, obstructed me from freedom of travel by refusing to process my passport for over 1 1/2 years when I already had a passport on record.

The U.S. government blocked me from being able to leave the country after they tortured me, again, with politically-motivated hate crimes.

When I was pregnant with my son Oliver, prior to being raped by Chris Dabney to be impregnated and then tortured and with attempted murder, the doula who worked with the midwife, whose husband is a cop named "Chris", painted a giant "flower" on my stomach, like the one on the shirt I wore for my second grade photo, after I had been drugged with Haldol and Benedryl, and "fattened" up by the CIA in 1981-1982, over "Rachel" and Middleton, and forced out of academic programs.

I was told, "You don't need a job--we have government men that need a hooker, like you." 

They didn't want me to be financially independent with my songwriting or to have a hands-on skill like video software design and programming, for employment, to keep me from raising my kids or paying someone to sue them when they raped me and kidnapped my kids.

They were feeding me poison.

They used several different "Ben's" just to conceal who was plotting against me and murdering my children and holding me down:  Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben Affleck, and Ben, the medical student from Chris Dabney's shared house.

I was drugged out of political torture and hate crime, by the same doctors more than once too.  Dr. Saw-Haw was not a new face to me, and neither were the other doctors there.  They were the same assholes who worked for the CIA that I had been tortured by before.  They worked with FBI and CIA and I was interrogated by them and drugged in the past, as they showed off to the Middletons, what they could do to me and how "Don't worry, she will never get away with raising her own kids".

Also, this country and the same people have tortured my kids too, to look dumber than they are, for the same political hate crime reasons of control.  The "rocking horse" that I bought for my daughters Sophia, more than one time (recently, and in the past, decades ago), was named "Biscuit".  In 2003, the movie "Seabiscuit" came out, and featured a man who looked just like the medical student who was always around when I was being drugged by the government, to look and be dumber than I was.

So where are all of the "Sophia's" now?  How about my son Oliver?  I know for a fact that the U.S. has tortured him too, for the same reasons.  And when I didn't even know this one kid was my own son, from my DNA, and said I thought maybe he'd be a fast "runner", after this, the U.S. government tortured him to not run.

Who was around?  Government shits, like Rachel, Dabney, Nikki, and a black woman who was always saying, "I can handle this one" and looked like Michelle Obama to me. 

So the U.S. is creating my kids, to this day, only to reduce them to nothings, that they control and get personal blow-job satisfaction out of.

The boy who I said, "might be a good runner", was a boy who was with my Mom's side of the family, for a group photo I was asked by the government to "arrange".  So they said, "You decide how to have the kids dressed and posed for the photo" and they didn't tell me on of the kids there was my own son, who they'd cloned and had a surrogate deliver and was being controlled by the government and knew the Bairds.  Everyone knew but me, and then they were smirking that "She doesn't know" and this black woman was feeling good, along with some of the others, that I didn't have psychic abilities anymore, bc if I did, I'd know one of the kids was my son.  Well I know this now, because I just saw the same photo and kid and it's Oliver. It's a clone of my son Oliver. 

When I had told the kids to dress and pose for the photo, I had most of them in suits or that kind of dress and Oliver in jean shorts, casual shirt, and tennis shoes like running shoes.  They said, "Why do you have him not dressed up?" and I said, "I don't know, because I think he's a different type of kid." they said, "You dressed all the other kids up and not him?" and they acted like I was being "mean" to that kid.  I said, "No, he's wearing running shoes because maybe he's a good runner, and he's casually dressed because he doesn't need to be dressed-up because there are other things about him."  They said "So why did you say to have one of his feet in front of the other?" and I said, "Because it's like he's balancing and moving forward".

These government shits, real shits, ALL knew that boy was my son.  They didn't tell me.  They just sat around, all of them working for the U.S. government and human cloning, except for me, and plotting against me and my kids.  So what have they done?  They had his legs harmed so he couldn't run.  They deliberately targeted him to not be able to run.  They also were tripping him and telling him to not lose his 'balance'. 

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