Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Photos of Prince Henry Clones and Murders by British Royals with Portland, Oregon Complicity

I had selected photos of Harry, to upload, to show there are clones, but they were somehow deleted from my computers, leaving only the ones of William.  So I am having to re-select photos of him again, and posting them here today.

 1 2This is the clone of Harry who had his ears "tweaked" to look "S" shaped at the inner cartilage, to the right.  To the left is a Harry photo where the ears are not tweaked.  More noticeably,  3
There also isn't a kind of 'knob' down by the lower part of the lobe, at the end of the inside line of cartilage-ear fold, in the one below and even top left.

This guy, this Harry, (photo 1) looks like he has my Mom's ears.  Look at how forward they are and how much they stick out?  His hair is pouffed out to sort of make them look like they don't stick out much, but you can clearly see the shape of his entire ear, and if you look at the Harry with the beret, those ears are NOT the same.  They are totally different clones of "Harry".  Even though I don't like Harry, one of them maybe thought they should be known as clones at some point, because obviously any clone can be murdered and look like they never disappeared, just another clone to replace them.  The Harry I talked to said, "Why did you pick this photo?" because he knew, I think, it was a good one for illustrating the differences.  He was older than me when he asked, in a military already, but young teen or something,  and there was another Harry who was younger than me, the one born after William (1982) in maybe 1984 or something.  Whenever that one was born. I'm not obsessed with royals--I'm obsessed with human cloning and government kidnappings and my family.  I had suggested one of them do this and then I could point out the differences between the ears. To his credit, this Harry had to be participant, in some way, for having his ears 'reshaped' and I am not sure how they did it, but I had figured cartilage was possibly slightly "moldable" and might be changed slightly without much harm or pain, over time.  So I thought, "Okay, what's a shape he could have his ears turn to, that might look natural and be possible?" and I thought, "How about an 'S' like 'secret' or 'snake' like 'secret snake'."  I.e., the "SS".  The Secret Snake.  Oddly enough, it was an idea I had he should get a position where he wore a beret hat.  I had looked at all the hats and thought pale blue would look good on him and be sort of stand-apart from other kinds of hats.  There were several who thought it wasn't maybe my best idea because they thought he might need or should go for another type of hat, that suited him more.  I had thought, well maybe a beret appeals to British but also French and Green Beret U.S.--it was a PR idea.  It was more work I did for the CIA which the CIA never paid me for.  I also figured I'd tie-in the blue from the shirt of the Harry whose ears stuck out with the blue beret "snake ears" Harry.

Okay, here again, photo 4, to the right, this Harry clone's ears are not "S" shaped or tweaked and then notice the ears of the Harry clone in photo 5.  There
is an obvious difference in ear shape.            Harry clones
can be identified by ear differences and even in some
of the photos about their teeth.  Some have bigger
gaps than others--some have their front teeth together.
The Harry photo from the right is older, and I saw                                                                        4

that photo of Harry, a Harry clone, when I was a kid
when the little Harry was still an elementary school
or middle-school aged kid.  The one to the left has the
SS (Secret Snake) ears and the one to the right has
unaltered ears.
I saw several "Harry" clones, actually.  Unfortunately for Harry, he was cloned more than once, close in age ranges and some further apart.  I saw TONS of Katie Middleton clones, all ages, and they made tons of her.  Of the Harry's, I saw at least 4 of them, all around the same time, of different age and there may have been more.  I heard one of the Harry's refer to how many clones there were of himself and I asked him if he knew and he suggested maybe there were "six" of them, but I'm not sure if this was accurate.  He could have been cloned in sets, with 2 of the same age, for each set cloned at various ages, in different years.  He didn't want to tell me what the truth was and smirked about it. 

These Harry's, who were involved back then, were telling me they'd let me talk about themselves being cloned because they wanted to trade that for keeping and taking profits from my songwriting.  He said he wanted to do this when, he said, he found out William did this, so he wanted to do it too.  So the government had me meet one of them who was then in the military, and it wasn't Harry b. 1984.  Another of them had me take photos of him as a youth, but seemed to resent it, and he was maybe 12 or so years old, older than I was, and then there was a young adult Harry who had swim trunks on that I photographed, and the older clone Harry I remembered from all the undercover cloning was his age and/or older.  That's 5 of them, at least.  There were NOT 'doubles' like look-alikes, they were exactly alike--except where a feature was changed on purpose. 
Maybe one, and only one, of the Harry clones was decent and I liked.  The others are the worst of the worst.  They're criminals, torturing innocent kids and women.  One of the Harry clones forced me to shoot a woman who was innocent.  He had her standing or sitting in a chair against a wall, and handed me a gun and made me shoot her.  She was someone who was trying to look out for me, and he wanted to use me, as a little kid, to murder her.  The royals were stealing all kinds of money from me and holding me as their personal hostage for slavery--child labor.  They raped my relatives, any they thought were pretty, never paid anyone for work, and forced us into slave labor and murdering people for them, and then tortured us not to tell and wanted to oppress my kids.  Someone told them, I don't know why, they had to do what I told them to do or advised a few times, and they wanted me to do this but then they were saying the royals got to steal all of my money and they were torturing me and my kids too.  I specifically remember one of the murders Harry made me commit, under the age of 7.  He also acted more defensive about Kate Middleton and the Middletons, than even William did at the time, and I had wondered which one of them was really sleeping around with her, the older Katie clone, because it looked to me like Harry was more interested in her than William was.  I thought that when I was a much younger kid--William didn't act at all interested in Kate Middleton.  Harry DID.  I thought, "Are these guys all lying to me and not wanting me to think Harry is in love with Katie or something?"  Harry and "Chris" acted in love with Katie, not William.  William just acted defensive of his "cloned kids" with Katie at some point, and like a plotting scheming quiet assassin.  But Harry was outwardly, instantly, upset over any negative mention of Katie and as a kid, I thought they'd mixed up William and Katie with Harry on purpose.

Several of these royals thought it was just fine to use and abuse me, trying to make tiny little kids "hitmen" for themselves, putting these kids' hands on their guns, instead of shooting themselves.  They were killing off anyone they thought was "competition" and torturing them too.  No, I do not like the British royals after what they've done to me and my kids and their ushering-in of the corrupt Goldsmith-Middletons is just further evidence they are more CIA than anything else.

Mike Middleton had some scheming idea that oh, after his older clone Katie tortured me and sexually abused me, I should babysit the little Katie, the one born in 1982, just as the royals had me babysit William, the little one born in 1982.  Mike only would do this, because he thought oh, it's nice Cameo is developing a stupid, na├»ve, and dangerously unhealthy idea she has a bond with "little William" after they've targeted her and will kill and torture her children...maybe it will work with Katie too...maybe I can get Cameo to become attached to little Katie and she won't want to speak up against the Katie clones, even though they tortured her and defiled her."  Mike Middleton is a conniving monster, just like his PET-scan toting wife Carol.  They were sending child porn of me to Israel, not so Israel could "protect" me--so they could laugh their heads off and feel secure that I was out of their way and controlled.

I hated the older Harry clone because he targeted me, along with his brother.  They viewed me as a threat to their throne goals.  I didn't know about the current Harry but I don't have a good feeling when I look at his photos anymore.  I think he's something really bad, and I think some of it has to do with his participation in attempting to steal my kids from me and using his buddies to hold me hostage in D.C. in 2008-2009.

Christopher Dabney is, and has always, been connected to them for some reason.  They even kept mocking me with caramels, whenever mentioning ideas for killing my babies, after I was present, as a kid, at Harry's birthday party where I ordered him a caramel dessert.  I had ordered the caramel because someone told me that was what he liked and then when he got it, he threw a fit and someone handed him a vanilla ice cream cone and he ate that instead, after all of my work of finding something he liked based on the information someone else had given me.  After this, I was repeatedly being threatened with death to my kids and babies, and they were bringing up caramels into it, and they did this with Dabney at the Post Pub in D.C. in 2008, while torturing me when I was pregnant, and planning to murder my baby with an MRI after they forced me there.

One of the times someone asked me to advise or direct how a photo should be taken I had said "have Harry put his hand sort of next to Pippa's rear-end and Katie's around William's waist, so it's sort of like the married couple have their hands at their waists and it raises questions about Harry and Pippa for publicity".  My real reason was bc I wanted to remember how I knew there was something bizarre about the Katie-Harry-William "love triangle".  I wanted to remember how Harry was the one that seemed to be in love with the older Katie clone, not William.  So then Harry was visibly mad at me, for suggesting a photo like this.  He knew what I was thinking and he attempted to get revenge, over even that photo.

Harry had his "red herring" pal Chris Dabney later raping me, putting his hand on my rear all the time, and impregnating me for purposes of trying to kill me and the baby both.  They also had Chris Dabney acting like HE was "Harry" and celebrating his own birthday on the same day as Prince Henry, and he has a swastika tattoo, whereas Harry just wore a band around his arm for some kind of party.  I saw Dabney in England, and in Ireland, more than once.

William of Wales, the older clone, also made me murder people with him, when I was super-little, and so did Prince Philip.  Any murder they used me for, was sanctioned and approved by the CIA, which seemed to me, to be the real agency they all answered to and worked for.  They tortured my brains out after first using me to murder people with them.  The CIA and Sandhurst, deliberately did horrible things to me, and used some mafia too, to try to make an automatically mind-controlled child killer out of me, and then they were torturing my brains out to "forget" so all of them, could get away with murder and abuse of innocent children like myself.

Then to cover for themselves and incite hate crimes against me, they were forcing me to be programmed and provoke to say horrible things, and suggest the same terrible ideas to others, that they'd been using with me, and wanted every other normal person to hate me and want to harm me and my kids, and NOT put me in any position of power, so their rug-rats could ascend themselves.

Osama bin ladin knew what kind of people they were.  He obviously did, or he wouldn't have mentioned, supposedly, thinking it was a good idea to assassinate some of them.  He knew what they were like because he had intel and he also had once been CIA-trained.  I don't think he believed they were that bad at one time, and I think he realized they were, got ahold of even worse info about them and said, 'Okay--it's time for them and this Katie Middleton witch to go".  So Middletons, most likely one of the British Royals, and U.S. Navy Seals, went after him, hunted him down, and killed him.  I wouldn't say I know if Osama was a good person or not because I have no idea, but I do know that he was not against 'monarchies', per se, he was from a monarchy.  He was against the British Royals who tortured, raped, and plotted murdering little babies.

This is the sick, bloody "business" that the God-damned CIA was making money off of, and getting British Royals recruits from--selling little kids into child slavery to royals, forcing them to be hitmen, and stealing from them, and then the CIA was "taking care of" these kids back in the U.S., and assuring the British, "Yeah, we got the job done for you and Katie is going to be Queen right?"

This fucking country was selling me to London and trafficking me back and forth, for everything from pedophilia, child porn, to murdering people as a little kid under age 7, working as an 'assistant' and in PR and then they were all keeping tabs on me and deciding how to ruin my psychic abilities so I couldn't read their minds or make predictions anymore.  They weren't my friends. 

My parents were not "secretly sneaking" me over to England.  It was the fucking CIA shits, their FBI, and cops--they used people in the entire line-up of Dept. of Justice employees to do it.  Then they wanted to keep little pretty girls quiet with ideas like "Shhh...you might marry one of them" and "Shhh..that was a bad person, thanks for your help".

They colluded to force me to work and steal every single penny I was worth from me, and put the last two pence that I even owned, under Katie Middleton's fucking ugly feet.  To them, the "penny's" were my children.  So much for the "rescuers" because "Penny 1" and "Penny 2" were never getting out from under the raping sodomizing Middleton "thumb".  They were already dead.  It had nothing to do with "Irish luck".  They wanted me to go to the first "clone wedding" of Katie, when they first decided to secretly marry her to William, wearing penny loafers without any pennies in the slots.  And that's what I was wearing.  Penny loafers without any pennies in the slots, and pants, while Katie Middleton had tricked me as a little girl into thinking I was supposed to support her and so should my family and my own kids, for "God".

I was so brainwashed, I even called her "God's anointed" once, when she...hahahaaa...is NOT, OH MY GOD, NOT anointed.

Someone in government told me, as a kid, to "cut" one of the Katie Middleton clones, an older one, one that was older than me, and like I said, they bred a DOZEN or more of these bitches-all alike and murderous and horrific and NOT "anointed", and the government kept telling me to cut her, and I said I didn't want to.  They said "DO IT" and said, 'She's going to do worse to you and your kids in the future, so you have your chance now" and they said this right in front of her.

I said, "I already told you, I DON'T WANT to" and the U.S. government shits around me told me to anyway and then one of them made a signal for what they did before torturing me.  I then said, solemnly, "I will not touch the 'Lord's anointed'."  On one hand I hoped they would leave me alone and quit pressuring me and think I called her 'anointed' and 'chosen' and on the other hand I laughed on the inside to myself, saying "Yeah God, we all know she is SAUL if she's anything even remotely like a royal...she's a betraying King Saul persecuting David and trying to kill him and his kids off, and I'M the one who is DAVID, not HER."  I didn't mean, I was "David" as in "King David" or that I wanted to be royal--I wanted to be left alone and raise a normal family but oh yeah, she was bad.

So after I said this, one of the men sort of smirked and one who was there, who refused to prosecute anyone for raping me, was Detective Brian Gross.  Yeah, the same asshole.  The Portland shits had brought over one of the Katie Middleton clones and I was forced to do this to her in their offices, in Oregon decades ago, when I was a kid.

So finally, with my Dad, or one of the Bob jrs. there, and the cops and FBI and seeing they were threatening me with harm if I didn't 'cut' Katie Middleton, this one clone, I did.  They gave me a knife and I cut, though not hard, down the side of one temple.  It hardly even bled.  There was no blood anywhere, when I cut, and I think later someone cut it deeper just to make a visible scar.  But she cried.  She said nothing and cried and I thought, "What a fucking BITCH.  She comes over here, wants ME to cut her to incite hate crimes against me, more allegiance from Portland Police and FBI and shits to torture me and kidnap my kids, and SHE is crying?  What a god-damned ACTRESS."

God-damn, she was a fucking actress.  She sat there, looking straight ahead as if SHE was the martyr or something, after what they'd already done to me, and further rapes they were plotting with Robin Bechtold, Mike Tancer, Josh Gatov, and additional Portland cops and FBI, like Dillon, and so on.  Not to mention kidnapping my kids and forcing me to strip as a minor at a nude strip club in Portland, Oregon.  Yeah, they promoted this shit "Gross" to be in charge of Homicide after he covered up rape against me and threatened me.  They had Potter there too, the same Potter who is Chief of Police and has been forever. 

It was "all about Kate Middleton" and how special she and William were for being secret CIA agents.  They also used police to illegally tow my car away to prevent me from winning several lawsuits I'd filed, so I could lose all of my lawsuits and then they'd have Katie Middleton win a lawsuit and look "competent" in legal matters. 

They were also kidnapping all of my children, from the same State of Oregon where cops were forcing me to "cut" one of the Katie Middleton clones, and forcing me to go around telling everyone about a strategy for having a 'big" or 'little' (or both, according to what the govt. pressured me to say) "miscarriage" of babies.

Britney Murphy and Simon Monjack supposedly died indicating William and Katie worked for the CIA and they'd confirmed it.  At the time they said they'd do this, they told me they were FBI so I didn't think it was odd, because FBI always came up with things they said they wanted me to do.  But later I realize, probably they weren't really FBI because that doesn't make sense.  The FBI would want to keep participation with the CIA or employment, a secret, and they wouldn't have their agents "dying" or committing suicide to tell people.

When "Katie", this one clone, was 'cut' in the Portland offices, then they opened the door and I saw a Dicksie Garrett down the hallway, where they had her held and she looked at Katie and then looked afraid.  I think Katie gave her the evil eye and my Mom saw she was 'cut' and got what she wanted--another excuse from the fucked-up cop shits who were raping women and little girls.  They also had a Dabney in the background, in the hall with my Mom, when Katie was walking out.  They then closed the door and I was beat up and I blacked out.  I don't even remember leaving the building.  Well, I actually think I was awake when I left because I do recall as I walked out, there were people outside smirking at me and glaring with satisfaction because they got what they wanted.  They now wanted to accuse me of "assaulting Katie" when she was the real batterer and abuser.  I had never done one single thing wrong to her and I had been saying "Katie did all these bad things to me and I never did one bad thing to her and you guys support HER?  She's a child torturer and a GOLD-DIGGER."

So after I had said this, they wanted me to "cut" her, and forced me to do it, with people around who tortured me if I didn't do what they said, authorities who worked for the government.  Oh, and the look on her face when she left the room?  Satisfaction and malicious vindication.  She wasn't feeling sad at all.  She'd put on a sad-face show to look vulnerable to some shitty cops and FBI and then left, with plans to torture, rape and murder.  Oh yeah, and promote her own dumb-ass kids.  Not only that, there wasn't a drop of blood anywhere.  If she bled, because I did cut her, it showed up later and one of the cops or guys gave her a towel for it which she put to the side of her head, but I know for a fact it wasn't bad.  She just cried with her wide-eyed innocent face on when she is a lesbian, child-molesting torturer.  She was aborting babies, poisoning them, using electrocution, making "spells" over them, tying them up, operating on them to make sure they could be tortured, and murdering my kids and older clones.

Where were all of my older clones anyway?  How come there were over a dozen of these fucking Kate Middleton clones Mossad was so happy about, and the CIA accepted because all of them were "psychically gifted", but all of my clones were raped and dead?  I never saw a Katie clone being led away to jail or prison in chains, but I saw one of my clones led away, with false arrest. 

They had Pippa (older clone of Pippa) and some U.S. Jews gloating over me, when I was younger, acting like they still felt I was a threat, but it's okay, they'd all control me, not to worry--telling me "Your son isn't a Prince, he's a Mexican cherry picker. Hahhahaaa.  You'll NEVER be Queen."

This is a photo of a man who I picked out from some various men, when I was asked, "What do you think your son will look like when he's older?" and they meant Oliver's older clone, Daniel/David or whatever.  I had to look at a few different photos and men and I picked this one, and they said, "We'll do a photo shoot" and I said "Okay" and they said what do you want him to do to pose? and I said to him, "Could you fall down and look like you're trying to get up, because I want to remember something the Middletons and U.S. government did to my son already."  He said, "Okay, like this?" and I said, "Yeah, but make more of a face like you don't understand why they're beating you up and tripping you" and he did.  This is the photo that is a result of that request of mine, because that's what they did to my son.  They were tripping him and beating him up the way they did me, to force him down, like they did me, just so the CIA and U.S. could keep stealing from us.  I remembered the people who did this to my son, and it was my son, my older cloned son.  Who looked exactly like this at the time:
My son's hair is even naturally curly, in ringlets, when it's longer and I didn't even know this back then because they had my son's hair cut short, but when I had him as a baby later, he had curly hair in ringlets.  They had Joy Tancer there, and other govt. and then said one of the men was my real son and I saw one who had my son's ears and looked like him but then one of them said, "He's in prison" and I said, "MY son wouldn't be in prison." and they were saying if I picked one of them they'd let him out.  I didn't pick him because I wanted to have someone who was not my son, but looked similar, posing for the photos, because I didn't want to disgrace my own son with having to be on his face in front of all of those CIA God-damned shits.  The man I ended up choosing was some kind of Kate Middleton devotee, saying "Like this??" the way she did when mocking me.  He was part of her group, not mine.  So supposedly, the wonderful U.S. and Mossad and British Royal "plans" for my son, were to cause something to happen to force him into prison.  Just another way to get rid of someone they don't want around.  They were plotting trying to put my sons in prison, putting them in military fort cells to be abused, raped, or killed, and having my sons die in "auto accidents" that weren't accidents.  The U.S. govt. was also deliberately illegally using my own personal genetic material to clone people they wanted to abuse and force into slave labor.

They had me raped to get their way. Oh they'd rape my older clone and rape me too, and do whatever they wanted.  They couldn't even just leave me alone to raise my own kids and have a normal life.  They had to kidnap all of my kids, by government, just to find a way to create brain damage.  It wasn't even enough if my son was "a Mexican cherry picker's kid"--even if he was...no, what they wanted was total control and brain damage and death and they've plotted murdering every single one of my sons by 'accident' such as 'car accidents' the same way they programmed me for.

Pippa was one of the individuals helping me learn how to drive cars 'wrong'.  The Goldsmiths and Middletons were all involved, gathered around a car at one location, forcing me to use the gas and brakes and to respond to panic a specific way, pulling out knives to scare me.

But oh yeah, how clever of them to ask me to 'cut' Katie after their "knife-scare for car accident" plots, which they carried out in 1992 in Oregon, only a decade later.  Oh yeah, and with cops involved.  How nice for the darling dear little innocent "Katie". 

WHAT?  Saul FAILED the mission??   Yes, Saul failed the assassination attempt against me, and then tried several more times to murder me after raping me and cops covering it up.  Just for Katie to be their psychic spy.

Also, every single time I saw a Katie Middleton clone, no matter what age she was, how she was disguised, or where the location was, I always, not even knowing it was "Katie", at the time, had something bad to say about her.  Not one single time did Katie Middleton, in any of her "forms" and ages, impress me as a good person or anyone I would select for anything.  I knew she was bad.  I knew she was bad, regardless of how 'cute' and 'plain" or 'ordinary' or 'vulnerable' she looked, whether standing on a stage looking knock-kneed with a sash on, sitting in a chair at age 3, showing up as a baby, standing in Jerash as a blond, making faces at a college dorm as a young teen or preteen, singing or speaking from a podium as an adult...it didn't matter--all of them were little shits.  No way in hell was I going to say, "THAT one.  Yes, pick HER for something special."  She had been already using people to torture me and my kids, and her family was despicable and controlling me and somehow, by the grace of God, I still knew a shit when I saw one.

The government forced me to promote her on a couple of different occasions, and literally pushed me to even convince and persuade others she was a good choice when all it was, was government pressure.  They appealed to me on false grounds, both times, when I was younger (Bechtel days), by appealing to my sympathies, for 'saving people' and claiming she was spiritually "God's choice", when she ISN'T, and then when I was older, as a preteen, telling me I could have my kid's back only if I "won" over everyone to promote Kate Middleton as choice for royal in the future.  So they used my spiritual feelings as a kid, of trying or wanting to do the right thing, even though I knew and sensed something was wrong (they also used money as an incentive then) and then later, they held my own babies hostage and tried to make me give her "the best, winning, convincing PR you can".

There was an entire group of people who did NOT like Katie and I said, "Turn over your ideas about me to support Katie!" and I was being offered money, that young, by the God-damned CIA too, and FBI, told, "We'll give you a lot of money if you do this".  I thought, as a little kid, "I don't think she's the person I should support at all, but maybe I can take the money and change all of it after I get the money".

They never gave me money.  They just wanted to delude everyone, and did, and then made me out to be the Pariah of the Century.

How many murders was I forced to watch or made to hold a gun over, before I was maybe age 6 or so?  I would estimate anywhere from 10-50.  I was heavily tortured with an electrocution headbrace and electric shock, starved, drugged, tied up in horrible positions, and raped with guns and objects after the murders so I would be too traumatized to remember.  They made me murder men, women, and animals.  I don't remember murdering any babies or kids, not that I murdered them, but they would force me to hold the gun and then pull the trigger or assist with a gloved hand if I could hold it, but I did see them do a lot of abortions, in that instance, for women who were saying they wanted abortions, but they tried to make me numb to the idea of seeing a dead fetus. I was definitely being lied about and set up by the FBI and CIA later. 

I was also forced to sit or be tied up, under a table while people ate and then fed me 'bits' of food, like I was a dog.

So, my GOODNESS, what motive might the CIA and FBI and U.S. government have, for trying to lie about me, keep me from having work, kidnapping my kids, and defaming me and wanting me to stay defamed?  Oh goodness, it's like there is just NO reason whatever for me to be targeted or treated this way, right?  The U.S. just wants to peddle little babies and kids around to kill people for them, before they're even 7 years old, at their instruction, and torture and rape them and steal from them. 

My parents weren't even around for most of the murders.  It was strangers to me, government people, royals, and U.S.  Half the time I didn't even know where my parents were.  Other times, they made me go out with my parents, telling me it was a special 'mission' and it was hitman/assassination work for the CIA and Pentagon.  I was never paid.  I wasn't paid, compensated, acknowledged, I didn't get benefits, insurance,...nothing.  The U.S. was getting cheap sex from kids and child labor.  They wanted to use me and then dump me off as "mentally ill" or kill me.

I was never one of them.  I was never getting clearance to go anywhere in intelligence or government, and I was never going to be a 'spy'.  I was just used and not paid for any of it, and told to later do all this PR for Katie Middleton, on behalf of the CIA and Department of Justice.

By the time I was age 6-8 the government was already making 'visits' to my bedroom in Moses Lake, WA, telling me "God doesn't want you to raise kids--He has OTHER plans for you and we're going to raise your kids for you" and they practiced stealing baby dolls from me.  Oh what "other" great "plan" did "God" have for me?  Nothing.  It wasn't "God", it was the government, and they wanted to keep using me in forced child labor and then torture my own children and force them to do the same and never amount to anything.

I do not amount to anything, to this day, because of them.  They forced me to do work for them that is worth trillions of dollars, and refused to give me any credit, any pay, and defamed me and kidnapped my kids.  They obstructed me from education so I couldn't get another career in the private sector, and forced me to go from one sicko CIA or cop employee who raped me, to the next, while they mumbled government codes to each other.

One of the Bob jrs. told one of the older Katie Middletons, "Don't worry, we've got her wired" because Katie didn't want me to even 'exist' unless I was implanted with things that allowed government to control me by torturing me from a distance.

Kate Middleton, older clone, was acting like a "banker", counting money that came in and making records for bookkeeping, about profits, and she was going about, wearing nice clothes and having her hair and nails done and peeking in on others who did all the dirty work for her, and were not even paid, just tortured kids, with circles under their eyes, having to answer to "Catherine Elizabeth" and the CIA.  She was enjoying a glamourous type of dressing even back then, and curling her hair, and being done up all the time.  She wasn't "poor little Katie in the dog-days of good old-fashioned Party Pieces who is sometimes bullied".  That was a lie.  She was walking around like she was Mrs. Mountbatten.

Here are more photos of Harry:

Notice the difference in ear shape.  They are not the same Harry clones.  Also, notice the front teeth on the top photo and how there is almost no gap in his teeth, whereas in other photos, there is much more width.

I had to go out in a carriage, like this girl, in some kind of practice or pretend carriage ride for one of the earlier cloned "weddings" or rehearsals. I was gang-raped afterwards and told this is what Harry was doing, or going to do, to my kids.  I had said, "Maybe for a carriage ride, some girl that is actually biologically related to a royal can be in the carriage but not known officially as a royal."  So then they put me in a carriage, with my Dad, raped me and that's what I was told.
This photo of a Christmas with puppies was my idea and is an old photo.  Camilla is much younger there, and you can sort of tell by her flatter chest size, or maybe it was a double of her, and then they had an "older" double of the Queen, or it was possibly an older Queen Elizabeth clone, literally, because there WERE clones that old in fact, and they came around for the photo and it was the older William and Katie who had 'married' supposedly, in 1979 or so, and had babies, and then I saw another "wedding", actually, with another supposed Kate Middleton clone a few years after that, with an Anglican priest and everything, and it was later, because I was wearing penny loafers and I was at least age 9 then.  The William in this photo is not the William from 1982.  The puppy idea was one I had when I was being pressured and convinced to think "Katie" and "William" was a nice idea when it wasn't.
Prior to the photo, Queen Elizabeth, the clone or double, was standing off to the side, and glaring at me while I stood there excitedly about the puppies, thinking a baby would like it, and I realized, "That woman hates my guts and is smirking and glaring about my going along with all of this, like no one ever did anything bad to me at all."
She wanted to talk to me and I didn't talk to her very much and she got miffed about it, thinking that I thought I was too good to talk to her if I didn't know she was the Queen (or double).   Then when the puppie's box was opened, I noticed, oh, there is some bad and mean omen about it, not some nice idea of puppies, but instead some kind of ha-ha joke about the cloned "dogs" in a box that William or someone would present to Katie and their kids.  I said I wanted all puppies and to look all alike and they said why and I said, "To look like twins and they'll all be cute and the same and the baby can pick one"  I was told to just have so many and instead, I had 4 in a box.  It was actually my way of remembering all of this "human cloning" that was going on.  It wasn't a mistake by me to have all of them look exactly alike.  William wasn't exactly happy with me that day. 
When the box was opened I could tell my Mom or Dad, standing in the background with me, was upset, because they were able to read into things and what the Middletons and Wales' and CIA had planned against me and my kids.
As a kid, I had to assist Kate Middleton in murdering people and then she tortured me with Pippa and others, and I was made to murder with Harry handing me a gun and demanding it, in a white-walled room, like some kind of cell, and William also killed someone and wanted me to help him with it.  They were killing all of these people who supported me and then trying to pretend like oh, I was helping them kill "bad guys" when really, they were killing people and wanting those people to see me, before they died, as a way to cause distress first.  They were getting off on the idea of using someone they kept as a "child slave" and raped and tortured, to kill off people, for them, that were friends--it was like, "Look at what we can make Cameo do, and you can't do anything about it.  Hahaaa."
They murdered more people from planes, throwing them out while high in the air, to die on impact or drown, strangling people...you name it.  The CIA loves them.  It's what "Mikey" and "Carol" were all about--helping out the good old boys at the CIA. 
They killed more than one entertainment lawyer who wanted to sue on my behalf to get money for my songwriting.  Oh...you want to sue for Cameo?  Then good luck, because the Middletons and Goldsmiths, CIA and British royals were going to murder you.  The FBI was involved too.  They all were getting splits off of my profits and talent--they didn't want me to earn my own money or have a lawyer or law firm take money from them...they were too greedy and busy ripping me off.  So then they figured, "Lets get the FBI to make a deal with the Mafia to help us on this too, so we can get rich and all hold human slaves, like Cameo and her kids".
I saw several murders and I "reported" it to some FBI person and so suddenly, now the FBI was frothing at the mouth and wanted money too.  So they decided to go "after" the Mafia as a way to make a "dirty cooperative" out of stealing from me.
I saw Mike Middleton, myself, with some others, strangling a lawyer with gloves on and tossing him out of a helicopter, over his plans to sue on my behalf.  I had mistakenly told him the Middletons were my "friends".  Oh yeah, maybe the Goldsmiths and Middletons can help and they can be witnesses, I'd said.  Witnesses?  Ha.  Like Mike Middleton and Carol took the stand for anything but themselves.  I saw them "take the stand" against ME, for the U.S. government, after they'd been using me as a kid.  That's the kind of people they were--wanting little girls to be tortured.
Then, randomly, after one of my babies was kidnapped from me, when I was a preteen, or when my Mom was saying it was her baby, we had to go to England (I think it was England but maybe not, but it was definitely Middletons) and my parents and this other couple were made to go to another room with some people who were friends of Mike and Carol's and when they came out they said, "We've been raped" and someone grabbed their arms and was holding them, but they had emerged from this room looking disheveled.  I didn't know what to think.  I had been forced at gunpoint to do porn, raped multiple times, and had Middletons make fun of me as a "ruins" in Jerash, had people inserting "nuts" into my anus and vagina and mouth and then thinking it was 'cool' for Katie Middleton to use 3 nuts on her personal "letters" or logo for royal banner nonsense; I had been raped in Portugal or some Latin place, with each person making a notch out of a belt when they did and wiping blood in a bucket, and I'd been operated on, had my skull opened up and forced to watch one of my own brain surgeries, and was tied up, shackled, and chained, and gang-raped in semi-trucks while the govt. practiced trying to inseminate me with human embryos, and then they were coming out a room saying "We've been raped?"
I said, "Well, I'm raped all the time.  What do you want ME to do about it?" and at that, the Middletons smirked and supposedly, then they were feeling "safe" from any reports or prosecution because I could hardly believe my parents had just been literally raped at the orders of Mike and Carol Middleton.
However, consider how many horrific things they'd done.  It wasn't, or wouldn't be out of character, for them to do this.  Carol was at a rape of me by Barak Obama in Seattle, which all the cops covered up and in D.C., all the cops were covering up for Chris Dabney, Alvaro Pardo, and "Rachel", and Nikki.  They were already planning to murder a baby of mine in the future, if I wasn't assassinated first.  They were lined up for it.
So why SHOULDN'T I believe that my parents were ordered to be raped, on the spot, by the Middletons and Goldsmiths?  Of course they'd do this.  Look at what they conspired to do to me and how even Benjamin Netanyahu and Sarah were plotting to murder a baby of mine in the future too, over "Rachel" and Katie. 
It was Joy and Forrest Tancer and my parents, and Middletons and their friends who went into a back room.  I figured they were all together, trading money and snorting lines over Katie and William 'plan' success and stealing from me.  Instead, my parents came out of the room saying they'd been raped.  Middletons had told them to go to the room.  They led them into that room and were there for maybe a half hour or so, or less, and then came out, and they said that.  I didn't believe it, or wasn't sure what to believe, because why would the Tancers say this, when they were Jewish friends of the Middletons themselves and always holding guns to me and my parent's heads and taking my money?  Later, Tancers had their son rape me in Portland, so what was I supposed to think?  But that's what they said, and actually, it shouldn't be doubtable that Middletons would do this, considering what they did to me.  It's possible the Tancers were involved in holding my parents down while they all raped them.
I had said, when we were at the Middletons, with Goldsmiths and others there, "Why am I the one getting raped all the time?  You guys get all of these people to rape me and then you bring me here and ask me to help support Katie and be part of CIA and you've done this to me?  You kidnapped my kid and then you rape me and now you think I'm going to WORK for you?  I don't hear about anyone else getting raped, just me, the person you guys steal from."  So then Mike told my parents to get up and they wanted to 'talk' to them privately, and they all went to another room and that's what was said when my parents came out.  They had these 'bodyguards' around too.
Both my Mom AND my Dad said they were raped and then Joy was chiming in and I thought, "Yeah right Joy."  Dabney's mother was also there.
I said "What do you mean?  When?" and someone holding their arms said, "Go ahead, tell her" and my Dad said, "Just now" and I said, "So you were raped and now they want you to TELL me that they raped you?"  I said, "That doesn't make any sense" --why would they just rape you, seriously, and then tell you to tell me this?" and then the ones holding my parents said, relaxing, after looking nervous, "Yeah" and my parents looked down-fallen and said, "Nooooo" and I realized, "Something is seriously wrong here."  Then Middletons and Carol also looked relaxed, and they said, "She's never going to report it" and then they added, with a smirk, "When she does, it will be too late."
They had my parents standing there with people behind them, nudging them.  At least it was one set of the Bob and Dicksies who said this and were there, so that's what they said. 
The U.S. several times forced me to promote Kate Middleton and they've kidnapped all of my kids.  Joy Tancer and the CIA and U.S. government were showing up in my bedroom, when I was as young as age 6, when I wanted a dolly, and giving me a doll and taking it away, saying "You can't have a baby".  Guess who was someone that started this?  Kate fucking Middleton, in England.  The U.S. later thought it was funny to use a more overweight woman, Michelle Erickson, from Wenatchee, WA, who looks like Katie in fact, facially, to take my son from me, and they had that plotted out more than once.  But Katie was in England, using dolls, and Diana did this to me too, handing me dolls and taking them away saying "You can't have kids".  It was never that "Katie" couldn't have kids, that was a cover.  The cover was for the plot they had in conspiring against me, with such hatred for me already, and my older clone, that they were abusing me and telling me I couldn't raise my own kids and THEY were going to take them away from me and raise them. 
I hated Katie Middleton's fucking guts, and it was for a good reason.  She wanted to look like the "prima Madonna".  She kept her nails long too, and I couldn't stand it.  She'd dig her nails into me, and I was biting my own nails down to the quick out of being distressed and upset, from severe anxiety and nervousness. 
Later when the U.S. had me meet her, thinking I didn't remember any of this, they said, "Here are some things.  Do you want to have Katie pose with any of these items?" and they had an assortment of objects--toys, books, and household items, on a table.  They wanted me, as a preteen, to pick out which items to have Katie "pose" with for the camera and I knew they were attempting to see if I was still scared and still remembered their shit.  I knew, "They want to see if I remember the past, and are putting out these items to see if I'm scared or avoid anything, or select anything in particular to associate with Katie, and then they want to try to read my mind and find out how much I remember about her and her crimes against me, my older clone, and my kids."
They even had a knife out there to choose from.  They had all kinds of "items".  I wanted to naturally avoid the doll, and instead, I forced myself to choose it, knowing I only wanted to avoid it because of what the government and Katie had done to me, so I wanted to see what Katie looked like, holding a doll and remember more about what she'd done.  So she held it and looked uncomfortable and they took a photo and the govt. stood by quietly and I didn't let myself think about anything.  Then their fucking psychics stood there assuring each other, "She doesn't remember it" and saying "Nothing...thought of nothing".  They were relaying the information they deliberately wanted to read from me, and report to the assholes.
But oh yes, I remember Katie Middleton and what she was doing with babies and baby dolls and torturing me and trying to traumatize me.  She was a professional murderer, child torturer, and kidnapper, and after she assaulted my older clone and took her baby from her, she was killing things and torturing me.  Then after that, they didn't want me to remember the real babies so they brought out dolls, baby dolls, and started repeatedly giving them to me and taking them away saying, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed by the Name of the Lord" and taunting me saying, "You can't have babies" and "You will never raise your own children" and they kept saying "blessed be the Name of the Lord" after stealing from me and I finally said, 'What is a blessing?" and then I said, "Okay, what is the opposite of a blessing?" and they told me "A curse" and I said to their fucking ugly lying stealing child-molesting, robbing faces, "CURSE YOU" and "I CURSE YOU!"
Oh yes.
Oh yes they wanted 'the puppies'...all of the little spotted Dalmations.  Cruella deVille.  The God-damned Devil.
The entire "IDEA" of "I curse you" and all of that, which Carol Middleton began saying to ME all the time, came up because of THEM stealing baby dolls from me as a cover for their murder and kidnapping of babies from me, and what they planned for me later.  It came up only because they kept snidely saying "Blessed be the name of the Lord" as a taunt against me, smirking, and stealing. Then they were saying things like "You're blessed!" and "Bless you" and I was saying, "Are you saying bless you or Beth's you?" beause they called Katie "Elizabeth", and sometimes "Beth" and "Bess".  So I thought they were saying her name sometimes. 
The baby dolls was all after they murdered a bunch of real babies too, my babies. They took one baby from my older clone and murdered the baby in front of me and her and said, "That's your baby".  They were also collectively talking, in front of me, because I was younger than age 7 then, just 3-6 years old, very young, about how they could murder my kids and babies in the future.  The government didn't just have plans to torture me, they had plans for how to get rid of any children they didn't want me to have, and how they could murder my babies, and how they could use me to have some, and take the babies away from me.  I overheard all of it and they figured "She's too young to even know what we're talking about." I wasn't too young.  And they figured it out because they then came up with a 'cover' for their plots against me, by using fake babies and dolls, to hand to me and take from me, and saying "You can't keep it" and "You can't raise it" and "You'rre not supposed to be married" and "God doesn't want you to get married" and "You can have one, but we have to take it away" and "We'll raise it for you".  They did this to me in England and in the U.S. and in Israel.
Then, later, it wasn't just a cover for their plots to murder my kids--by using a doll, then all of a sudden, oh now they were trying to be 'helpful' and 'prepare' me for 'the eventuality of losing your children' because 'we're so good and kind' when the very opposite was true.  They weren't good and kind.  They were the ones plotting to murder my kids and kidnap any from me to start with, and they were concealing murders they'd already committed against babies related to ME.
Now, all of a sudden, their next "phase" in trying to distance themselves from being murder and kidnapping conspirators, and murderers in actuality, already, was to act like they were just 'helpless people who can see into the future and that it's not good so let's be kind and make it easier for her to LET GO".
Let go my Egg-o you fuckers and God damn you all to Hell.  Prince Charles, didn't care at all, but one day said, along with Ed Howard, "What you need to tell them is to let go of my eggs".
Well they did not care because they people were plotting to murder my babies and already practicing it, before I was even SIX YEARS OLD.
So I said, "Yeah, have Katie Middleton hold the doll" and I looked at her like that and felt full of disgust and hatred because she was a murdering, lying, bitch.  You have no idea the kinds of people who were already killing my kids, my cloned genetic material, my babies, and who was plotting to murder more of my kids.  They had included my own parents in it, a Bob jr. and a Dicksie.  How to let Katie know, "Don't worry Honey, you'll be just fine.  We'll take care of them for you."
Before I was even Age 6.  That means, before 1980. 
The U.S. CIA has been busy little beavers, working away at their ideas of when they decided I shouldn't "raise" my kids, not to mention, uh...oh yeah, they were already murdering my kids and plotting to murder them by 1979.
It's a little late to apologize.

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