Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Death and Murder of Human Clones: Government Plots

Of the Harry and William and Katie clones I met, and other clones, it is possible some of them died.  There were so many of them, and most were not in the public eye, so it is very possible one or more, or even several of them, somehow died with illnesses, accidents, in suicides, or murders.

The sad part about human cloning, is no one is told about this and the government hides all of this information.

I am personally aware of any death of this specific clones, and no one mentioned anything to me about it, but it's a fact and it's something that the government and others use to intimidate and scare clones who don't want to be involved, into compliance.

The government also tortures clones, some of them, and makes it impossible for any of them to have justice or trial by their peers.  They move on clone into a prison cell and leave them there, isolated, and tortured, and the others are moved around in the public eye, and no one even knows about the ones in prison, held there like life-long hostages and no way out.

I know this is a fact, because I witnessed this myself, personally, and the U.S. government was putting me into cells temporarily, in and out of them, and sometimes with adults there with me and sometimes alone, as a way to "hold" me in one place as a hostage.  All the way up to age 13, I was being forced to go into jail and prison cells and other remote areas and places like dungeons, and yes, literal dungeons and underground "bunkers".

When I was gone, for months at a time, who was taking my place?

I met a girl who looked like me once, and I loved her and we'd play and hug and we were really little and then were separated.  They told us apart by only a couple of things like ID bracelets.  Then one day, I never saw her again.  I started running into mirrors, seeing myself and thinking it was her, and running to give her a hug, hitting myself on the head at the glass instead.  I was then developing into what looked like some kind of narcissist, enjoying staring at myself in the mirror, just my face, sometimes.  It made me feel comforted, like I was looking back at this person who was so nice to be with--my own clone.

The cops, some of them, and FBI were involved.  We were trafficked back and forth, and had our ID bracelets checked all the time so people would know which one was which.  They weren't allowing us to talk to each other anymore at one point, and we didn't play together anymore--I only saw her during 'exchanges' when they swapped us.  It wasn't private at all--it was government coordinated.

The U.S. government forced little kids to kill people, for them, at their orders, or to think they had, or cover for others, and then held these clones as hostages the rest of their entire lives, blackmailing them, intimidating, torturing and raping them saying "We can do whatever we want to you, and do you really want the public to know what YOU did?"  They wanted these clones to live in constant fear of hate crimes or in being put in prison for things they could look framed for, that older govt. personnel actually ordered them to do.  There was no "free choice" and there is no free choice.  There is no freedom.  It's just human slavery.

I had people jealous of me when I was very young, and yet from the time I was very young, I was still raped and tortured.  What were they so jealous about?

The U.S. specifically hates some individuals and punishes them and their families, by their hatred, with kidnappings of their kids and plots to steal from them.  They then breed more kids and use them, kill them or jail them, and do whatever they want.

The U.S. was busting into a basement lab when I was about 3 years old and arresting and holding people hostage and all they were doing was using microscopes.  From all I could tell, they were just looking at things with microscopes but they were accused of espionage.

The U.S. was also already cloning my own kids off of my DNA from an older clone of me, and they were having others "practice" murdering them.  The more the U.S. government got someone to murder one of my kids, the more the government trusted them to hold me hostage, lie about me, and abuse and control the rest of my children.  The U.S. was murdering my kids to make "Made Men and Women" out of CIA and FBI shits.

So basically, I was this little girl, say age 3-7, and they were creating my kids, from my older clone, or my eggs, and I do know they did vaginal exams and surgery of me back then, and these babies and kids were my kids.  The U.S. was then having others murder MY kids, and occasionally in front of me when I had no idea they were my children, and then when someone did, the U.S. government was saying "Okay, now we can trust you to control Cameo and her children and follow our orders".  They had people practice killing my kids, to later kill more of my kids and lie for them.

I know they were my kids because I heard them talking and the deals they were making.  And it resulted in more torture, rape, mind control of me, as a result, and then once these others killed my kids, they were basically "in" and then could be blackmailed later too, and they knew it.  Not only that, I saw some of the babies.  They were killing babies.  They'd create a baby, bring it to life, and then have someone murder it, for "practice" and to make "Made Men and Women" out of the government, to control me and promise to control me and my babies.

They never wanted me raising my own kids.  Everything...all the excuses later about why I couldn't raise my kids...were lies.  They were holding me and my kids hostage from the start.  The U.S. had me sound like a bigot, provoked me to say horrible things, and made me commit some crimes as a young kid, and then tried to tell others, "This is why she can't raise her own kids".  It was a lie.  They were murdering my kids before I was 7 years old.  The U.S. ALWAYS had a plan to control me and my children or they wouldn't have been creating cloned kids from my DNA and practicing murdering them, just to assure themselves everyone would go along with the control plan later.

After murdering my own children in front of me, do you think the U.S. government wanted ME to raise my own kids and keep them safe?

The U.S. government did not just murder my own children in front of me when I was a little girl, they had cloned more of my kids using my DNA, and had those kids grow up more, and then they were torturing or doing bad things to them and knew I wouldn't even know it was my own kid, or believe them, and a couple of times, they told me "This is your son" and I didn't believe them and when he put his head on my shoulder, I thought, "Why is this kid I don't know, being affectionate with me when he can't be my son bc I've never delivered any babies yet?"

They were cloning Oliver, clones of Oliver, multiple times, and no one has explained where any of them disappeared to.  They also cloned Sophia multiple times, and she was around before I personally delivered one of her, as a clone.  The U.S. was using other surrogate and women to carry children that were my own DNA, before I could even physically give birth myself.

Later, when I was older and saw them, I could remember what they looked like, in hindsight, and think back and remember which kids were mine that the U.S. was controlling, and torturing and raping.

The U.S. government got paranoid when I was a preteen and mentioned remembering them murdering my children, when I was younger, so what did they do?  They tried to get me to "assist" them in ideas for "mercy killing" my own kids, so they didn't continue to suffer from U.S. government torture and then the FBI was framing me as attempting to kill my kids.  Why?  Because they're "made men" and "made women" who first murdered my children when I was still a kid myself, and tried to diminish them.  They also got rid of kids they didn't want connected to me, and kept only the ones THEY, the government wanted around, for creating their own mind-controlled and government controlled "slave system".

I had other kids, not Oliver or Sophia's DNA, and the U.S. murdered them.

They had people like Pippa later saying to me, "YOUR son is not a PRINCE.  He's a cherry picker's kid."  Finally, one time, tired of this older Pippa always staring at me with hatred and controlling me and wanting me to play sex games as a little girl in bed with adults, so she could take pictures of me to degrade me, I said, "You want to bet Pippa?  I'll be MY son is more ROYAL than YOUR family's will ever be, and not only that, who do YOU think YOU are talking to?  I probably, on my OWN, have more ROYAL blood in MY VEINS than YOU ever will, and that makes my SON royal even if his Dad was ever a cherry picker, and who are YOU to say GOD wouldn't want a CHERRY PICKER's KID to be a PRINCE?  You try to torture me and control me and my kids because YOU are JEALOUS.  So why don't you just leave us alone huh?  How about you, and Katie and all your STUPID friends who stalk me everywhere, just LEAVE US ALONE?  Why not?  Because you're SCARED of us Pippa.  So SCARED of us you don't even TRUST GOD--you TORTURE us and degrade us."

So I went off on a huge lecture against Pippa and her group and told them to leave us alone and quit trying to sexually rape and degrade me to make themselves and their sister "Katie" look better than anyone else.

I got furious.  I said, "I'll BET I am MORE ROYAL, in MY BLOOD, than YOU will EVER be.  So why don't YOU and YOUR KIDS BOW to MY SON, the "cherry picker kid".

Here she was, going around, getting people to make plots against me, teaching me to drive wrong so I'd have a car "accident", and taking pictures of me playing sex games in bed, involving penises and vaginas, and she was videotaping as well as taking pictures, and making me look like I liked doing that, and I thought these sex games were really fun as an 8 year old.

I mean, I had to wonder.  Their jealousy and mean plots had me thinking, "What are they so afraid of?  They obviously know about something that I don't know, that they think threatens their throne goals, like I ever care about it anyway, so who knows...maybe they know I'm a royal, and no one even wants to tell me because the castle and all the money are actually MINE, if I were given my rights."

I didn't want to be a royal or even really care, but the hate crimes against me and my kids made me care, and it also made me question why these people, and the U.S. government were doing such horrific things to get me and my kids as hostages and control us.  So suddenly I got suspicious and wondered, "I wonder what they're not telling me."

Well one thing they didn't want me to remember, was how some of them were creating children with my DNA to murder them off, some of them permanently.

Then they had these sick Nazi plots, even people who were supposedly "Jewish" like Pippa and her family and others, of controlling what cloned embryos I was impregnated with later, and who was supposed to rape me to make me wonder if it was from rape and not cloning.

I mean, sorry, but that's pretty sick. 

These assholes were trying to plot out my life when I was age 3.

I also overheard SAD-SOG and MOSSAD and CIA plots.  The plot sickens.  They figured a 3 year old wasn't paying attention and wouldn't remember anything, but they tortured me anyway, hoping I'd forget.

They had these little "CIA meetings" and discussions and prediction-planning of what to do with me and 'which cloned embryos' were going to be my eventual 'public kids'.

Not to mention, all of their talk about who was a 'cherry-picker' was more than bizarre, when they also had their friends deliberately doing things like saying they were 'popping' my 'cherry' when I was little.  They even tried to conceal who the people were that were "cherry-pickers' of another kind, who targeted me when I was little.

The Middletons didn't like being accused themselves, of being rapist 'cherry-pickers' whose relatives raped little girls.

The groups of people involved in these conversations depended on which meeting it was, or what group was gathered together.  Mostly, and almost always, CIA was present.

1.  One group that talked about murdering my kids and controlling me, and who did this to "prove" they were a "Made Man" to the U.S. government, included a Robert Guy Garrett Jr., the same man or clone (one of them) who has been my "Dad" all these years. If the U.S. made him talk like this, that's possible, but I was under the age of 5 and they wanted to use him to control me.  They also wanted him to be involved in controlling any kids I had.  It wasn't some kind of "Mafia" that was separate from government, it was government.  One man that showed up was FBI Director James Comey.  He looked like the older clone of Katie Middleton's son, "GAL", George Alexander Louise, and I had asked them, "Are you two related?"  Because, as you will find out when GAL, the public clone gets older, he resembled James Comey.  James Comey and Middleton's "grandson", GAL, have been "pals" for decades and they were part of plotting against me and my kids.  Another man who later made an appearance at one such group, was Cruz, the same man who is now openly running for President.  He announced to the group that HE didn't have a problem killing my son.

2.  One group included Benjamin Netanyahu and they mentioned, openly, the name of MOSSAD.  MOSSAD had a serious interest in keeping me and my kids down, and promoting those who tortured or controlled us, on behalf of Kate Middleton and the Goldsmiths.  They were all Jews, and I was not a Jew.  I specifically overheard an entire MOSSAD-themed plot for torturing me, and making sure I wasn't psychic, and killing off any kid of mine that got in the way. 

3.  One group included Prince Frederick of Denmark and Mary Donaldson, and one of them was committing espionage and tortured and blackmailed anyone who might mention it.  Frederick and Mary wanted me controlled, along with William and Katie, who were at either the same meeting or another meeting.  Alvaro Pardo was present for one of the meetings and had something to do with murdering one of my kids.  Edward Lee Howard was present for one of the meetings but everyone always said, "Does Ed know?" like he didn't know everything.

4.  I overheard the CIA German Division plotting against me.  It was a group of people that thought they were the "Masters of the Universe" and included Chris Dabney's family.  Also present was Mark and Troy Shaw, who were making trips to the U.S. Army base in Germany and worked for CIA with people like Barak Obama.  They discussed which cloned embryos they were killing, of my kids, and which ones they were using, and then a CIA Catholic group was involved too. 

They were involved in promoting Kate Middleton for unknown reasons to me, and other women. 

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