Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome To My 2nd Blog by Former CIA SAD-SOG Member

Welcome to my second blog.  I started my other blog, which is at over 10 years ago.  My opinions and my stories, have not changed.

I've not "flipped a lid", and as nuts as that "Letter to Mike and Carol Middleton" sounds, I'm not nuts, and I've been saying the same thing that I said over a decade ago.

So this is another blog and where my last one was dedicated to my son Oliver Garrett, this is dedicated to my daughters Sophia I, Sophia II, and Sophia III.  Sophia III is the latest delivery I've had, of a baby girl who the U.S. government cloned.

I am 100% against human cloning.  It is happening and has been occurring by most countries, for decades already.  I personally saw many clones in the U.S. as well as in other countries and the U.S. has raped, tortured, and stolen from me and then added cloning of me to their list of crimes. 

I grew up, as a government kid, surrounded by CIA, Pentagon, and FBI.  I was enrolled into the "top secret" group of CIA SAD-SOG which is a "trained killer" group that performs assassinations of persons worldwide.  They forced me to be in this when I was a kid, even extremely young, and my parents were not allowed to say "no".

In this blog, I am going to expose every single thing I can about CIA's SAD-SOG.  I was not given a choice to be in this group or not, and I never signed up for it, nor did I sign confidentiality agreements.  The U.S. just kidnapped me, basically, and forced me to be in it.

They work in international groups as well and I will be adding that information to this. 

I have several youtube videos I've made, detailing the programming the government used against me, to rape me by later, and I will give information about every location I know of that is committing the crime of human cloning, where I was personally involved or saw others being used.

I would like to have this blog become one that is inclusive of the stories of others.  This should be a blog where others can submit information they have about human cloning, "sightings", and anything that is related. 

I would also like to know where my daughters are, who the government kidnapped from me and now claims were never born.

So if you are a former CIA SAD-SOG, please write your story here.  If you got out of it, somehow, please write.  If you know of human cloning situations, please write that here as well, and if you don't have knowledge but are 100% against human cloning and believe it is the start of the worst case of human slavery the world has ever known, please add your support, because I want to start a revolution against the United States of America for illegally breeding and sponsoring slavery.

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