Monday, June 1, 2015

Letter To Mike And Carol Middleton

I wrote this to UK police to give to Mike and Carol but why?  They get their news from the Pentagon.

This is my letter to them:

Dear Sir, We cannot advise you regarding police matters. You would need to vi...

LOREE Garrett

1:29 PM (17 minutes ago)
to Subject
Okay, you get this message over to Mike Middleton and I mean now:

Dear Mike and Carol,

Congratulations on your "successes".  As you know, my parents, whom you chose to work with for decades, have been subjected to rape, torture, and false accusations from European countries and the U.S. nation.

I personally cannot say I ever benefited from being "babysat" at your own residence in England.  However, if you are truly conscientious people, as you once said you were, and perhaps as you really thought you were yourselves, you would not put up with involuntary mental health detentions of innocent persons such as my parents and myself, nor would you allow injustice to prevail by saying NOT ONE WORD as eggs have been stolen from me and my mother and sperm forced from my Dad for donations to create "persons" my family has no rights to.

You have consented to this, all of this, by your silence.  Furthermore, you have claimed to be both Jewish, at least in ethnicity and also Anglican, in religion, and claim to have "spiritual" beliefs.  Is this really true?  If so, why have all of you remained quiet when we have suffered.

Is anyone stealing sperm and eggs from your own family?  Is Pippa, James, Katie, or you or Carol being forced to give over your reproductive rights and allow the government to torture, maim, and kill your family after using them?  Or forcing them into adoptions to be raised by persons who hold none of the values you hold? 

If you ever did care, why did you choose to take that other path?

You chose that, and now what will you choose?

The total extermination of civil society?

Are you interested in being slave masters?  Is that what you worked for all your lives? or are you actually going to do something purposeful and good with what you've gained?

I have witnessed my parents being forced to give over sperm and eggs, and I've been forced to do this myself.  We've also been forced to witness our kids being tortured and kidnapped.

How do you even live with yourselves?

Were you seriously part of the government gang rapes against me, in the "name of Katie", your daughter, who so many wanted to be "Queen"?  It matters to me, that you appear to be as corrupt as everyone around you and that you refuse to speak up for my 3 sets of daughters who were born to me.  Where are they?  You know where they are.  I want to know where my daughters are and I want you to tell me.

I also want you to speak up for someone besides yourselves and undo what you've done.

Cameo L. Garrett

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