Monday, June 1, 2015

Taking The Plum Sauce Out Of The Garbage

There is a massive leak in my roof suddenly so I have to patch it.  All the water in the waste basket, is from the rain last night.

I got this same sauce back when I had my other daughters, and lived in Coquille, Oregon.  Anyone remember that?  This shirt, is the same shirt I had, but it changed color from white to pale blue when it was washed with jeans.  Last time, I bleached it and ruined it. This time, I just left it.

I used to throw up, about this much, every day, because of torture by the U.S. government when I was a kid.
I made this sign and posted it on my blog as a young teen:  "God Damn the U.S." with a pink crayon

This is me, today, after being told the U.S. government is going to block me from my daughter again.  I wore this shirt and sweater, and jeans, to my visit with my baby today.  She was spitting up more than usual and when she did, her eyes were recessed into her head, the way mine do, or have, during torture.  She's being tortured by the U.S. and they make fun of her.  She spit up all of her milk, and whatever the U.S. did to cause this, which, from her eyes, looked to be the effects from torture, they had done to my last baby girls at this visit too.

How many people are going to sit around and do nothing?

You can see, from my droopy eye, I'm being tortured too, but in a different way.  It's to the top of my head to the right side and the U.S. has been doing this for 1 full day since last night.  It causes a droopy eye as a result.

I'm moving right now, so my place is a mess--have been packing and moving things around along with thinking of how to redecorate.  The orange tag thing on the wall is just a color swatch of orange paint.  I am going to paint my floor with coral, orange, and maybe a little pink.   I got sort of an idea and am going to work on it. 

The coral color looks pretty in daylight, orange at night, and pink adds some feminitiy.  There's a smudge of yellow and blue I might keep.  Not sure how to make it artistic yet, but not patchwork.  It would be "classier" to paint a solid glossy color but I'm thinking a few colors might be okay. I sort of want to add a French pink and a little hot magenta pink-purple to it but maybe in accents.  I need a camel color for my couch and might get a slip cover for it.  It would be fun in faux camel hair.

Should I learn Arabic?  Hm, I don't know.  I get a bad feeling when I think of it, for some reason, from formal classes, but who knows.  I am making a slight amount of progress in Russian finally.  And I have to get back to teaching my son Cantonese.

With Russian, I needed background and framework for it.  Then, with some pictorals for visual learning with Vera lessons, I think I can pick it up.  I needed the bigger picture and the details to format it in my mind better.  It's not there at all yet, but it will happen okay, when it does.  When I say "background" I mean, I listened to Living Language a long time.  I will listen to it more.  Then just patching in a few reminders here and there, helps to reinforce it in my mind.  I haven't done any writing or workbook yet, but laying a foundation.  It's mostly this idea of completely different characters and memorization of them.  After that, it shouldn't be harder to learn than Spanish or French.  Right now, I can only say "drastoy" (hello).

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