Monday, June 1, 2015

Sophia III: Right to Benefits and Tracking Numbers

I contacted DHS Newmark Center at 2:50 p.m. today after they returned my call.  I had applied for food stamps online through the online "" site, over the weekend and someone called this morning.

I returned the call this afternoon and Tracy answered, stating "you made 2 applications" and I said "Yes, one is with my daughter and the other is for a single person.  I'm cancelling the one for the single person".

The application for myself and Sophia has tracking number:  30250458
The application for the single person, just myself, has tracking number  20251802

Tracy said, "You don't get benefits if your daughter is in foster care" and I said, "Well I did in the past from this agency and it went to court and was court-ordered because my rights were not terminated at that time, and I was assigned a social worker."

She said, "I've been here 16 years and that's not done.  Let's just move forward."

I said, "Let's not.  -- Who is your supervisor?
She said, "Tim Cummings" and I said, "I'll be glad to make his acquaintance once again."

I got his voice mail and left a message stating I wanted benefits for TANF and foodstamps as a nursing mother who still has legal rights to her daughter, and also included that I wanted the information to make a FOIA request for records the State of Oregon is required to keep, which shows I made applications for my baby girl through them in the past, and received benefits.

With my first baby girl, I received benefits for both her and me.  It was court ordered and decided I did have a right to this, because I was still her legal parent and rights were not terminated.  I had a social worker.

With my second baby girl, I made 2 applications and upon Tracy's suggestion of "Let's move forward" I had said, "Okay, I'll drop the application for Sophia (II)" because they were refusing to dispense food to me unless I dropped the application.

So there were no records after that tracking number for Sophia II was dropped, for food stamps.  However, the Department of Agriculture and DHS are required to have records, along with the courts, for other applications.

I am documenting every detail of this case, on this blog, along with the human cloning information.

Anyone with evidence or information against the State of Oregon and/or federal government or any agency illegally withholding information to commit fraud and kidnapping, is encouraged to write here. 

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My mother had to go to appointments with me, when I was a pre-teen, with Tim Cummings, and I was told he sexually assaulted her there.  She was going into closed offices with him, and without me.

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